Introducing NB IoT Smart Access

No wiring.

No Wi-Fi.

No Bluetooth.

No worries.

NB IoT smart locks do not require any wiring, or any Wi-Fi to work. There are no worries of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hacking as the locks connect to the internet with the most secure and only globally licenced IoT communications technology (licenced by the 3GPP/GSMA).

NB IoT enables unprecedented security - military grade 256 bit encryption is running on all the vertical layers between software and hardware, plus 2048 bit NB IoT chipset encryption. All the locks are fitted with SIM cards and special modems to enable online communications and time-sensitive access control just like those commonly found in offices and hotels.

Use your phone as a keycard

Give your co-workers, your friends, your family, contractors, and anyone you choose timed digital keys to unlock doors. Cancel digital keys at anytime. You can also issue traditional keycards with NFC inbuilt into our system. Our product also comes with all the benefits of cloud-based management software for administrators.


Transform your assets with NB IoT smart access 

For the first time ever, access control systems commonly found in offices and hotels can be offered anywhere with a new  communications technology, called NB IoT, which enables the system to safely connect to the internet and it requires no onsite network infrastructure with inbuilt SIMs, and longer battery life. NB IoT is available now in 114 countries on 50 telco networks

Better Security

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth smart locks have been hacked and are insecure. NB IoT smart locks take advantage of the inbuilt securities and encryption of mobile networks.

Learn More About NB IoT Security >

No onsite infrastructure

NB IoT smart locks are so easy to install as they require no onsite infrastructure - communications happen with a SIM card and modules over telco's NB IoT networks.

Learn More About NB IoT Networks >

Better Battery Life

Most smartlocks have battery lives of only 6 months- they're always on waiting for communications. Our NB IoT smartlocks have a battery life of 1.5 yrs with sleep mode

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Explore our NB IoT Products

NB IoT Smart lock LDK100

Control and monitor your door from anywhere.

NB IoT Smart lock LDK400

The ultimate smart lock for exterior/interior use anywhere.

NB IoT Smart padlock

Lock anything anywhere with smartphone digital keys


“Solutions like Digital Keys with an intelligent lock, highlight the multiple applications offered by our NB-IoT network, which opens up a new world of possibilities for IoT projects like this one and it allows the market to bring innovative solutions that bring efficiency and security to customers". 

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Download our manual to learn how to operate our NB IoT smart lock LDK400 including how to use our software and apps.


A brochure prepared by our partners Vodafone providing an overview of NB IoT Smart Access Control and their NB IoT network.

In the last few years, IoT has moved from fiction to reality. By 2020, there will be over 14 billion network-enabled devices, according to the IEA.


What is the difference between Wi-Fi/BLE smart locks available in the market and NB IoT smart locks?

We launched our new NB IoT smart access control solution at the IoT World Congess in Barcelona in late 2018.

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