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Digital Keys has been on a mission to make locks, buildings and access smart since 2011. The founders started working on a smart lock/smart access control system after they kept getting locked out of hotel rooms during their overseas travels (as a result of their keycards becoming demagnetized). They wanted to turn the problem of keycards demagnetizing when held near smartphones, into the solution, by making keys ‘digital’ on smartphones. As they successfully tackled the mag-stripe failing keycard systems faced by the physical security industry, by partnering with leading lock manufacturers to deliver Smartlock Software Development Kits, their efforts got recognized by the Australian Government’s Commercialisation Australia Program with a R&D grant

The year 2016 was a game-changing one for Digital Keys. It was then that the founders recognized NB IoT’s technology potential to ensure the security and reliability of access control systems that connect to the internet. This was a breaking point in answering the question, “How do you make sure that a lock can connect to the internet without being tampered with, and without any onsite network infrastructure”.

In 2017 and 2018, the Digital Keys team started to plan an NB IoT smart access control system for the purpose of bringing the most secure, the most reliable, and most affordable system to the physical security industry. The solution got significant traction in the UK, where it was awarded a R&D grant from the European Commission.

The usability of the technology was recognized in other verticals and industries as well. Digital Keys developed a complete end-to-end solution including a NB IoT platform, API’s, digital keys apps, digital keys management software, and NB IoT smart locks. The NB IoT platform and API’s means many more products/services can easily be made smart, and safely connect to the internet. In early 2019, we launched our first commercial ready NB IoT product into the marketplace and we have already sold thousands of units to construction companies, offices, hotels and security companies all across Europe.


The ongoing development of NB IoT technologies and related products/services, including big data analytics and platforms, and the ever increasing interest of businesses to adopt our solution, makes us optimistic that our vision to make locks, buildings and access smart is being fulfilled.


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"Leaping to easier hotel access"


"A groundbreaking smartlock system"

"Leapin makes it easy to manage multiple Airbnb properties"

"Leapin provides a secure and reliable end-to-end solution"

"Leapin a finalist in the Australian Innovation Challenge Awards"

"Redefining the concept of home living"

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