NB IoT Smart Access

Onze slimme sloten zijn geslaagd voor de CE-, FCC- en NB IoT-certificering. Ze kunnen overal op elke deur worden geïnstalleerd - we hebben EU / ANSI-gaten, weerbestendige en indoor sluizen.

NB IoT Smart Access


Business Growth

Expand your client portfolio by creating new product/service based revenue streams and new business referrals.


IoT Partnerships

Join global leading IoT companies who are carving out new markets and new IoT opportunities.


The IoT Revolution

Who knows where the next big IoT opportunity will be? Get into the IoT market with NB IoT smart access.

Types of partners

Distributor re-sellers

These partners re-sell our NB IoT smart access control solution in their own country. They need to be able to install the NB IoT smart locks on doors, be able to import the locks, and to provide tech or sales support to the telcos, who onsell our product. We offer great margins on NB IoT smart lock sales, and also ongoing revenue opportunities for software sales.

            Why partner with us?

  • Improve brand awareness in the IoT business community

  • Reach global and regional target markets

  • Bundle IoT products and get new sales and opportunities for expansion

Telco partners

These partners provide the SIM's and the NB IoT connectivity. If you are a telco send us an email, and we can provide you with a sample lock to connect to your network so you can begin testing. We have our locks working now in 13 countries on 9 commercial NB IoT networks, and our end-to-end solution is selling in Europe. Lets discuss testing, and business development opportunities.

            Why partner with us?

  • We have a commercial ready NB IoT device selling in the market

  • Satisfy your existing enterprise customers who are demanding physical security

  • Bundle IoT products and get new sales and opportunities 

Join over 50+ IoT industry leaders inspiring innovation

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