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Smart Deadbolt 1

Smart deadbolt attachment with 5G-IoT connection, digital keys apps, cloud-based management software, maps, and platform.

Smart Deadbolt is online with 5G IoT connectivity and in-built SIM cards

Easy install takes only minutes to install - does not require any tools/drilling etc. It simply attaches with a special bracket over the top of your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door.

Restrict access by person, by date/time and by location with cloud-based access management software


5 unlocking methods including with DIGITALKEYS app (NFC and 5G IoT network unlock), cloud-based software remote unlock, PIN (time-sensitive), and keycards. 

2 powerful lithium thionyl chloride batteries (ER14505H 3.6V + SPC1520  supercapacitor) included - gives up to 2 years battery life*.

Remote cancel digital keys anytime

Mobile network security and military grade encryption