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Customer Story - Aruba Beach Resort

Aruba Beach Resort, the first hotel in Australia to install Digital Keys system
Digital Keys smartlocks

Based on the Gold Coast in Australia, Aruba Beach Resort is a 3 star-rated three-storey walk up resort apartment building ideally situated only 200 metres from the beach, Casino and Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. Resort rooms have fully equipped kitchens and private balconies.

"The Digital Keys system is such a user-friendly system, anyone can easily pick it up and use it", said Gail Kennedy, Manager/Owner of Aruba Beach Resort.


The owners of the Resort had been using metal keys for room access since the resort was built in the early nineties and they had grown sick of paying locksmiths $150 to come out and replace locks atleast once a week from guests who had lost their keys, or forgotten their keys.

"Currently for lockouts we're paying $600 a month ($150 per visit 1-2 times a week)for a locksmith to come out and change the lock, but we don't have this expense anymore with Digital Keys", said Mr Kennedy.

Digital Keys built a self check-in app and system which enabled guests to self check-in on their phones and receive a unique time-sensitive code emailed to them to unlock their rooms. The guests were able to change the code to something they could easily remember like their bank PIN code.


This way the guests just had to remember their PIN and enter into the numberpad locks on their room doors (and common doors) to let themselves in.  Guests liked the fact that they did not have to carry around metal keys to access their properties.  

The managers who live on site were happy to be able to sleep fully through the night again as they never had to get up to let in guests who had locked themselves out in the middle of the night. The cost savings from not having to pay locksmiths to come out to replace the locks quickly added up.

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