Access Management Software

Control all your smartlocks in one place

Get in control of the security of your assets

Our access management cloud-based software gives you a complete overview of the security of your assets, and managing your smartlocks is straightforward and easy. You get a map-based overview of all of your assets, and you can easily select any of them at anytime and then simply unlock the smartlock protecting that asset by clicking one button.

The system records all unlocking events, by whom, at what time and by what unlocking method (e.g card unlock, smartphone unlock). You can also easily create unique digital keys for users, and cancel the digital keys at anytime. Create user and user groups with specific access and management rights. E.g restrict access to certain smartlocks or certain features e.g view history only.

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Create time-limited digital keys

Create time-limited digital keys for you, your employees, your contractors, your cleaner or whoever you want with a few clicks, and delete keys with one click

Get live audits

See who opened which door at what time, and how e.g with app, or keycard, or in the software. Track employees where-abouts as if you're using a punch card arrival system. Download Audit to Excel file for analytics.

Remote unlock and live status

With one click of the 'unlock button', you can unlock any of your doors instantly. No need to generate a digital key, just simply unlock anytime. You can see the signal strength of the locks, and the battery level at anytime.

Manage users and user groups

Create users in the system so they can get unique digital keys assigned to them, and for tracking and live audits.  You can create user groups and assign new users to that group with specific rights.

Use our API's to add modules to your own software

Do you have your own asset management software/IoT software? Then choose which modules you want to use and add them to your own software with our API's

Create New Users/Groups

Create users/user groups in the system so they can get unique digital keys assigned to them, and for tracking

View Digital Keys

See all the current and future digital keys listed at anytime

Create Digital Keys

Create time-sensitive digital keys with a booking calendar interface, with automatic emai

Remote Unlock

Hit one button next to your list of smartlocks to unlock at anytime, without having to schedule digital keys

View Event History

View who opened which smartlock at which time, and with which method (e.g smartphone, keycards, software)

View Lock Status

View the current live battery status, current signal strength and whether the smartlocks is opened or closed

Delete Digital Keys

Delete Digital Keys in an instant by hitting one button at anytime. Keys instantly disappear from users app.

Create PIN Keys

Create a time-sensitive PIN number for any user at anytime (random, or you choose the number)

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