Smart Lock

Management Software

Get in control of your multiple rooms, properties, and sites - the Digital Keys/Lock Management Software is a user friendly cloud-based software account with full remote access control capabilities.


Managing keys becomes a breeze with our smart lock management software

Easy set-up and registration

When you purchase a NB IoT smart lock, you nominate an account administrator and they are given a username and password to log into the cloud based software

Control Access anywhere

Our software is simple to use for anyone to easily manage and control access to multiple properties from anywhere, anytime

Smart security with NB IoT

Staff require and expect physical security in the workplace. Save money by not having to make complicated arrangements to pick up metal keys.

Create time-limited Digital Keys

Create time-limited digital keys for you, your employees, your contractors, your cleaner or whoever you want with a few clicks, and delete keys with one click

Live Audits

See who opened which door at what time, and how did they unlock the door, with app, or keycard, or in the software. Its important for Occupational Health and Reporting and for emergency situations to know who is where at what time. Track employees where-abouts as if you're using a punch card arrival system. Download Audit to Excel file for analytics.

Remote unlock and live status

With one click of the 'unlock button', you can unlock any of your doors instantly. No need to generate a digital key, just simply unlock anytime. You can see the signal strength of the locks, and the battery level at anytime, but you can also get alerts to your phone when battery is running low.

Location Mapping

Set up your Digital Keys Management software your way. Name your buildings, set their address so you can choose the building you want to access from a map. Name your locks, such as IT department, level 3, meeting room 2. Also name lock type e.g lever lock, padlock etc. Select the lock you want to open, audit, create a digital key for by clocking on the building icon on a map.

Manage Users

Create users in the system so they can get unique digital keys assigned to them, and for tracking and live audits.  You can create user groups and assign new users to that group with specific rights. For example create a 'cleaner' user group that all have access to all rooms from 6pm - 9pm every weekday.

Remote access management capabilities puts you in full control

Delete Digital Keys

Just click on the delete digital key icon anytime to delete any digital key.

Manage Users

Easily add permanent users details to the system at anytime

Dashboard shortcuts

Easily navigate around the software, and always be in control.

Device Management

Always know what is happening with your device at anytime

Manage Visitors/groups

Create user groups, such as visitors, so you don't have to enter new details everytime

Download Reports

Download the events, or any other reports at anytime to use in data analytics/AI.

User Friendly

Watch the video opposite to see how easy it is to use our software to make time-sensitive digital keys for anyone, anywhere at anytime. The digital key will appear in the digital keys app as soon as you create it in the software.

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