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With over 500 employees, TOPdigital Group (Spain) were looking for a solution to secure and control access to offices, meeting rooms, and server rooms.

As one of Spain's top retailers for mobile phones it was important for TOPdigital Group to implement a solution that was consistent with their brand.


NB IoT smart locks were installed throughout the the office building and we worked with the

company to implement the NB IoT smart access API so that TOPdigital customerised apps and software (in Spanish) could be used by staff, and contractors.

"We are confident that the Digital Keys NB IoT access control solution is the right fit for offices, hotels and apartment buildings in Spain".

Manuel Illanes

CTO TOPdigital Group

Products used

Digital Keys NB IoT smart locks

Digital Keys API

Project Results

The project also helped TOPdigital test out the product and NB IoT technology, and they went on to become a distributor for Digital Keys in Spain.

Why Us

TOPdigital approached us as we were the first company to get NB IOT smart locks connected in Spain on the Vodafone Spain NB IoT network.

TOPdigital software and apps made with Digital Keys API's - see link here to learn more about project

SAG, a European lock manufacturer with over 180 years of experience in the lock manufacturing industry, added Digital Keys mobile check-in SDK (with NFC and one-time password technology) to their existing range of electronic locks.


The new solution enables guests to self check-in to their hotel accommodation, bypass the reception desk, and unlock their doors with their smartphone.

SAG has many existing hotel customers throughout Europe and they had been asking for a digital process relating to reservations/reception working with the smartphone as door opener. Hotels want to give more time for the service personnel to care for the guests. With the locks offering a mobile check-in solution, guests can check-in completely without involving personnel by means of smartphone.

"Together with LEAPIN Digital Keys we have managed to further refine our successful locking system SAFE-O-TRONIC access in order to offer customers in the hotel sector a unique locking system, which meets the requirements of the mobile user".

Joaquin Borge Sanchez

Head of SAG business unit locking systems

Products used

  • Digital Keys Software Development Kit (SDK)

Project Results

In the first 2 months after launching mobile check-in, SAG sold 3000 of the new units to 4 hotel groups in Germany. The project also opened up new sales opportunities such as in municipal swimming centres.

Why Us

Digital Keys had just completed the build of a Software Development Kit with a Government Innovation Grant, and SAG were interested in implementing it to gain new sales and meet new customer demands.

SAG smartphone app and locks made smart with Digital Keys SDK - see link here to learn more about project


Top Digital Office Building (Spain)

NB IoT Smart Locks install

SAG Lock Manufacturers (Germany)

Smartlock SDK Implementation

Marysville Bed & Breakfast (Australia) 

Web check-in system


Marysville Garden Cottages B&B, a short drive from Melbourne Australia, engaged Digital Keys to build a fully automated web check-in system.

Before construction had begun of the cottages, the owner Anthony Slot approached Digital Keys with the brief to build a web self check-in system, so that he didn't need to design and build a managers office/reception desk on site, and employ a full time Receptionist.

After making the booking on the accommodation website, or at any Online Travel Agency, the guest automatically receives an email with an access code to enter their cottage which they use as a key by entering into a smart lock numberpad on the door to gain entry. The code only works for the duration of the guests booking. This eliminates the need for traditional check-in, and satisfies the guests who should wish to arrive late at night or just keep to themself.

"The Digital Keys system has saved us loads of time and money. We are very proud to be your first property in Australia to use the system"

Anthony Slot

Marysville Garden Cottages B&B

Products used

  • Digital Keys Accommodation Web check-in system

Project Results

The owner happy with all the money he saved by not having to build a managers office, and he also saves money every week by not having to pay wages to an onsite manager.

Why Us

Digital Keys had worked with a  lock manufacturer to build a fully automated self check-in system and the only similar product available was a self check-in kiosk, but this was too expensive, and required too much maintenance.

Owner, Anthony Slot talks about Marysville Garden Cottages. To read Anthony's testimonial click the icon here

Aruba Beach Resort (Australia)

Digital Keys App


Digital Keys installed Australia's first self-check-in app with digital keys in Aruba Beach resort on Australia's sunny Gold Coast. The app was used to book rooms, and to receive a time-sensitive digital key in the form of a time-sensitive access code without the need for any human interaction.

The owners of the Resort were sick of paying locksmiths $150 to come out and replace locks about once a week from guests who had lost their keys.

With the resort only meters from the beach, and with its own swimming pool, resort guests liked the fact that they did not have to carry around metal keys to access their properties.  Instead they just had to enter a code into a numberpad on the door. They could even change the code to something they could remember easily like their birthdate.

"The LEAPIN Digital Keys system is such a user-friendly system, anyone can easily pick it up and use it"

Gail Kennedy

Aruba Beach Resort Manager

Products used

  • Digital Keys Apps

Project Results

Digital Keys had just released the first Digital Keys app in Australia, and the owners were looking for a product to streamline check-in and save money.

Why Us

Digital Keys had just released the first Digital Keys app in Australia, and the owners were looking for a product to streamline check-in and save money.

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