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Smart access solutions for many industries

We help you find the right solution for your industry


Which industry do you come from?

No matter what industry you come from the Digital Keys smart access control systems can improve the security of your assets, give you convenience and piece of mind, and help you save time and money in not having to manage metal keys


Energy Companies

For the first time ever, thanks to NB IoT, electronic access control can be offered to any site anywhere. In the past you needed to have onsite power, onsite equipment and onsite equipment infrastructure for electronic access control. Connect all your assets into one account and get in control.

Universities, colleges and schools

Give students and staff access to the rooms they need access to only for specific dates and times. Easily manage access for short-term guests, contractors and temporary workers, as well as staff and students.  Our access management software can be integrated into your existing legacy software/keycard systems with our API's

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Computer Office Work

Office buildings

NB-IoT smart access control systems does everything a typical office keycard system does but you can also take advantage of other features such as remote unlocking in software, and live event notifications to administrators phones so you always know where your employees are. Its so easy to install without the need for any onsite network infrastructure and its more affordable than typical keycard systems too.


Let guests self-check-in on their smartphone and go straight to their room and unlock their door with their digital key on their smartphone. Great for hotels looking to appeal to millennial's  

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