The touchless, keyless smartlock

Price: US$199* - Pre-Order Now on reserve program below for introductory price of $159. Available Q3 2020

*SIM and two years connectivity to local Telco's Narrowband Network included

  • For indoor use, installs on deadbolt on inside of door

  • Licenced for use on the global NB IoT network

  • Suitable for residential doors, office doors, hotels doors, industry doors

  • No external wiring, easy installation

  • Built-in anti-tampering sensors – three alert modes (lock activity, tamper, and forced entry) lets you know when someone is coming and going and communicates potential security threats with text notifications

  • Battery status notifications

  • No onsite infrastructure required

  • NFC included for NFC card/NFC token use (use our digital keys app (Android 5.0 and above) to write to NFC cards/tokens - NFC cards/tokens included per lock purchase)

  • Remote unlock over NB IoT network with our FREE digital keys smart phone app and Digital Keys Management Platform for multiple locks

  • NFC unlock with digital keys app (select Android phones 5.0 and above, with NFC in the phones).

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Still use your metal key for your deadbolt

  • Bluetooth used to wake up lock from deep sleep mode

  • Magnesium Aluminium Alloy

Opening Methods; PIN, card, fob, phone, cloud/PC software

Communications via; U-Blox SARA R12 NB IoT/LTE/CAT M-1/2G/3G fallback

Touchless, keyless unlocking

With Narrowband Smartlock installed on your deadbolt on the inside of your door your smartphone becomes your new door key providing you with complete, touchless and keyless unlocking

Kick to open

When you arrive home Narrowband Smartlock detects your smartphone in your pocket or bag, and automatically unlocks, enabling you to enter your home without touching your door handle. Stick our cover over your separate lock latch or remove the handle latch completely (the deadbolt gives you all the security you need) allowing you to kick open your door, or use your elbow. When you enter your home, your door closes shut behind you (install a door closer) triggering Narrowband Smartlock to automatically lock.

Easy to install on inside of door

Narrowband Smartlock is easy to install - you don’t have to replace your existing door lock (or your keys), and you don’t need a professional. All you need is a screwdriver. Simply remove 2 screws from the cover of your deadbolt on the back of your door, and attach Narrowband Smartlock. Stick the latch cover over your separate lock latch, and screw in the door closer to the top of your door. Download the NarrowBand Digital Keys apps on your iPhone or Android phone and you are ready to go with touchless unlocking.

Always alert like an alarm

Narrowband Smartlock senses any door movement (e.g vibrations) when it’s locked. You’ll receive a notification anywhere in the world if anyone tampers with your door, or tries to force your door open


A smartlock with no Wi-Fi

Narrowband Smartlock connects to the internet (and your phone) with a new communications technology called Narrowband IoT (NB IoT) - part of the 5G standards. With inbuilt SIM cards and a 2-year connectivity plan included with your local Narrowband IoT network provider you can remote unlock from anywhere without Wi-Fi and wiring. Its like a mobile phone in a lock! But the lock remains asleep most of the time conserving battery. Supported by Bluetooth for phone detection.     

Full control with Digital Keys app

Narrowband Smartlock comes with free Digital Keys apps for Android and iOS iPhone. Download from the App Store and Google Play store. You can make a digital key in seconds and email it to friends and family (unlimited digital keys). You can also cancel the digital keys at anytime, and get an activity log notifications - you always remain in control of your Narrowband Smartlock.  


Ready to touchless to help stop the spread?

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