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Touchless smartlock

for your home

Say goodbye to touching door handles and metal keys

Meet Narrowband Smartlock with Digital Keys. The world's first touchless, keyless smartlock that connects to the internet with NB-IoT communications technology and without Wi-Fi. 


Safely receive parcels inside your house with Digital Keys for Deliveries

Digital Keys is on a mission to end the reign of porch pirates. When a delivery driver arrives at your house with your package, they scan the Narrowband QR code on your door, and the package barcode to trigger an unlock command. 


If the tracking numbers from the scans line up, your door unlocks just once, and your delivery driver slides your package into your house without setting a foot inside.  

Easily Share Digital Keys 

Narrowband Smartlock comes with free Digital Keys apps for Android and iOS iPhone. Download from the App Store and Google Play store.


You can make a digital key in seconds and email it to friends and family(direct download in the app) and it has unlimited digital keys. You can also cancel the digital keys at anytime

Works with keycards

Narrowband smartlock also works like a typical hotel or office keycard system, so you don't have to have your phone on you or if your phone battery dies.


Stick a card/fob in your wallet, or attach a card to your kids bag.

How Digital Keys for Deliveries Works

Step 1 

Copy/enter your tracking number into the digital keys app

Step 2 

Delivery driver scans your smartlock QR code on your door 

Step 3 

Delivery driver scans your parcel bar code

Step 4 

If scans match, door unlocks once, delivery driver slides your package inside

Easy Install

Narrowband Smartlock is easy to install - you don’t have to replace your existing door lock (or your keys), and you don’t need a professional. All you need is a screwdriver.


Simply remove 2 screws from the cover of your deadbolt on the back of your door, and attach Narrowband Smartlock. Stick the latch cover over your separate lock latch, and screw in the door closer to the top of your door. 

Always alert like an alarm​ system

Narrowband Smartlock senses any door movement (e.g vibrations) when it’s locked. You’ll receive a notification anywhere in the world if anyone tampers with your door, or tries to force your door open.  

Existing access control technologies has limitations

Existing Access control is limited by onsite power, onsite infrastructure and lacks security features. Compare below.

Time-sensitive access control

Set up costs

Costs per lock

Onsite Infrastructure

Battery Life

Online Solution*


Multiple locks use

RFID Keycard Systems

Approx $6000


Wiring, card encoder box, onsite PC/software, controller box, programmer device 

Wiring, card encoder box, onsite PC/software, controller box, programmer device 

Mains powered

Hacked; subject to man-in the middle attacks

Wi-Fi systems

Approx $300

Wi-Fi systems (routers, modems, bridges) 


Router, modem, ISP, cables, bridge, boosters, phone line

6 -12 months

128 bit SSL encryption + congested, unstable, inscure network. Hacked

NB IoT Systems


$250 - $450


1 and 1/2 years

2048 bit RSA encryption + 128 bit SSL encryption + DLTS + VPN + licenced network

*Online solution includes smartphone digital keys app unlocking, self check-in, big data analytics, remote unlock, live audit, battery notifications, 24/7 virtual hotel desk, cancel digital keys anytime

Will Narrowband Smartlock work on my lock?

Narrowband smartlock works on most standard single cylinder deadbolt locks (which operate independently from your knob/lever lock). If you need to use a key to lock your deadbolt on the inside of the door, then you have a double standard deadbolt (Narrowband Smartlock will not work on double cylinder deadbolts). But you can easily replace to a single cylinder deadbolt at your local hardware store for $10-$50. See compatibility diagram below. If you are still unsure, please send us an email

Can I still use my original key or manually lock/unlock the door

Yes, of course. Your deadbolt lock cylinder remains how it was before on the outside of your door, and you can still use your metal key. You can also turn the Narrowband Smartlock to unlock your door when leaving.

Will the NB IoT smart padlocks work in my country?

NB IoT networks have been rolling out in dozens of countries across the planet. Please check our page 'NB IoT Network Map' for country rollout details. Also please send us an email with your country and we will chase up with our telco partners about NB IoT network availability around you.

Do I have to change my locks to install Narrowband Smartlock?

No you don’t change your locks. All you have to do is screw Narrowband over the top of your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door. It’s a deadbolt attachment!

Do you have discounts for bulk volume purchases?

Yes, please email us at to discuss your needs and wants.

How do you get such a long battery life (around 2 years) as compared to only a few months with other connected locks (e.g Wi-Fi/BLE)?

Our locks remain in sleep mode most of the time, conserving battery, and are only woken up for a couple of seconds when you need to use the lock (e.g to unlock it, get live audit). All other connected locks are constantly on and connected to the internet sucking up battery life.

Where does the data lie, and who controls the data of the NB IoT smartlocks?

Our cloud servers are hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in your local country. No one has access to your data except you. If you want to host the system on your local servers, please get in touch with us to discuss further at

Where is my data held and who controls it?

Your data is safely secured and managed at your telecommunication Company who you sign up with for the connectivity services. All our smart access system services and data rests with the telecommunication companies who follow strict data legislation, standards and policies to ensure the highest levels of data security, privacy and integrity. If you can trust the telecommunication companies with your mobile phones, and mobile data, then you can trust them for NB IoT smart access.

What if my phone runs out of batteries?

You can always still use your metal key to open the door – the Narrowband is installed on the inside of your door over your deadbolt, the locks on the exterior of the door remain the same. Alternatively, you can also use a friend or neighbor’s phone to download the app, use your login to the app to unlock your door, and then delete the app. You can also use the provided keycards, fobs, stickers and rings to unlock, which are programmed to work permanently and ongoing for your Narrowband Smartlock. If you want to make time limited keycards/key tokens, you can use the Digital Keys app.

How difficult is it to install the different pieces of Narrowband?

You can install all the parts of Narrowband smartlock in minutes with only a screwdriver. See image below.

What if the power goes out?

Narrowband Smartlock runs on 4AA batteries, it does not require mains power.

What if the Narrowband smartlock runs out of batteries?

Narrowband smartlocks battery life is about 2 years (5-8 unlocks a day). It will keep notifying you through app when batteries are low. If the batteries run out, you can still use metal keys to unlock your door (perhaps use your current method of having a spare key with a family or trusted friend.

Are there monthly fees to use Narrowband Smartlock?

No - not for 2 years. The Narrowband smartlock comes with 2 years of connectivity to your local telco’s NB IoT network and SIM cards included – so there are no monthly fees. After 2 years, if you want to continue to use the connected services and connected features (such as live event notifications, tampering alerts etc) you can purchase more connectivity on 1 2 5 or 10 year plans (we won't know the cost in 2 years time, and the cost varies from telco to telco and country to country). But what we do know now is that the pricing for NB IoT connectivity is very low as Narrowband uses such low data (for example an unlock command over the NB IoT network is only around 8 bytes). Some telco’s have very low data plans such as only 10 Euro’s for ten years from Deutche Telekom As data costs are so low, maintaining the server service and making it secure are not extensive at all.

How many Digital Keys can I make and send to others?

There are no limits to the amount of digital keys you can generate and share with others. You are in control of who you want to “authorize” and for how long/specific dates and times/regular dates and times. You can also cancel the digital keys at anytime in seconds in the apps and software

How many Narrowband Smartlocks can I manage/control simultaneously?

You can manage as many Narrowband smartlocks as possible on just the one account. This makes it easy to manage multiple properties and multiple doors. Such as in offices or for managing lots of rental properties. You can connect new locks to your account at anytime too - you can try one door, and add more later if you like. You can group doors on one site, in one app, and even find sites on maps (for PC based software account). There is no setup involved by you. We connect to your account when we ship.

What is the warranty and return policy?

We guarantee that Narrowband Smartlock will work for your door if your lock is a single cylinder separate deadbolt. We refund you 100% in case of product defect or incompatibility - we don't think it will happen though :) The product also comes with a 2-year warranty.

How secure is Narrowband smartlock? Can it be hacked?

All other technologies used in smartlocks have been hacked but not the technology we use – which is NB IoT. This technology has been built specifically for use in smart devices, and has many levels of security features and encryptions throughout.

Can I use Narrowband Smartlock on common doors, such as the front door to an apartment building?

Yes – this door will need a single cylinder detached deadbolt though, and we also suggest you get the building owner approval for this. If you would like this feature, please email us to notify that this is its intended use, so we can set up the product properly.

Is Narrowband Smartlock waterproof?

No, its not waterproof, because it installs on the inside of your door, in the inside of your home/building, where there is no rain, or snow, so its does not need to be waterproof and its in a safe position, where no-one can tamper with it.

Where can I learn more about Narrowband IoT network?

You can learn more about NarrowBand IoT at the GSM website here

Is there a developer API? Can Narrowband be connected to other smart devices?

Yes! We have an API that is available for developers to build their own integrations to their own products/services. For companies looking to integrate their buildings with Narrowband smartlock, our developers can support you, please email us for more information.

What are the smartphone requirements and other requirements for Narrowband Smartlock?

To use the Bluetooth auto-unlock feature, you will need Bluetooth 4.0 or higher on your phone (Android 4.4 or higher and iPhone iOS 8 or higher (iPhone 4S or newer)) To use the ‘write to token (keycard, fob, sticker and ring)’ feature, you will need an Android phone with Host Card Emulation (HCE). To see a list of HCE Android phones go to All our supplied tokens come with unlimited use so you can use your tokens immediately. You will only need the Android HCE phones if you intend to make tokens time-sensitive and on a regular basis (such as in a hotel use). We will ensure NB IoT is switched on and working well near your address. Simply download our app in the online App store (iPhone) and the Google Play store (Android) and you can start using all the features of Narrowband Smartlock.

What batteries does Narrowband Smartlock use?

4 standard AA batteries. You can get the standard batteries in any supermarket.

Is Narrowband Smartlock compatible with Apple Homekit?

No. The concept of Narrowband Smartlock is not to use Wi-Fi or be compatible with hubs or kits that rely on Wi-Fi, as Wi-Fi is expensive, unreliable, has blackspots and requires onsite network infrastructure and equipment.


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