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Touchless smartlock

for your home

Narrowband - The Touchless, Keyless Smartlock





  • For indoor use, installs on deadbolt on inside of door

  • Licenced for use on the global NB IoT network

  • Suitable for residential doors, office doors, hotels doors, industry doors

  • No external wiring, easy installation

  • Built-in anti-tampering sensors – three alert modes (lock activity, tamper, and forced entry) lets you know when someone is coming and going and communicates potential security threats with text notifications

  • Battery status notifications

  • No onsite infrastructure required

  • NFC included for NFC card/NFC token use (use our digital keys app (Android 5.0 and above) to write to NFC cards/tokens - NFC cards/tokens included per lock purchase)

  • Remote unlock over NB IoT network with our FREE digital keys smart phone app and Digital Keys Management Platform for multiple locks

  • NFC unlock with digital keys app (select Android phones 5.0 and above, with NFC in the phones).

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Still use your metal key for your deadbolt

  • Bluetooth used to wake up lock from deep sleep mode

  • Magnesium Aluminium Alloy based, acrylic cover


2 years connectivity

2 years battery life

4 Standard AA's

Digital Keys App

iOS and Android

Best Security

256 Bit SSL+ more

Open/close sensor

Live notifications

Card Reader

NFC Unlocking

Door Closer

Easy Install

Technical Specifications


Unprecedented Security

Works with NB-IoT

NarrowBand Smartlock uses NB IoT technology which exists on mobile networks enabling you to take advantage of the most sophisticated security features and encryptions already in-built into the mobile networks.


Take advantage of mobile network encryption and security features including IP security, Private VPN, 2048 bit RSA Chipset security, and 256 bit SSL encryption.

Licenced Technology

As the only globally licenced IoT communications technology (by GSMA/3GPP) Telco's guarantee that the device that sends data to the cloud is authorized, and encrypted and no one has replaced it with another. 

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