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Digital Keys Mortise Smartlock 

  • FCC/CE Certified sturdy lock for inside or outside use

  • Stainless steel panels and handles with armoured glass numberpad

  • US/EU mortise with 4 different sizes available

  • Connected to the global IoT network - wireless standards include NB-IoT/LTE-M (3G fallback) with Telit 310G1WW module

  • Access control management cloud-based software account included (typical of hotel/office systems)

  • 5 opening methods including with Digital Keys smartphone app (iOS and Android), PIN (time-sensitive/one-off), NFC Mifare cards/tokens (13.56Mhz), Cloud-based software, metal key over-ride

  • Built in anti-tampering sensor (receive instant notification to phone if anyone attempts to break-in)

  • Live event history notifications direct to your phone - who opened which padlock at what time (track unlocking/ movements)

  • Unlimited users and digital keys can be added in one account

  • Warranty 1 year (can be extended to 5)

  • Powered by 4 standard AA batteries - gives up to 2 years battery life (based on 5 activations/data transfers a day.

  • Built-in IoT SIM (works in 21 countries - see list here

Digital Keys App controlled features and accuracy of location subject to NB-IoT network coverage and roaming partner network coverage in 21 countries. Connectivity subscription required and Terms apply See FAQ's for more info

NOTE: COVID-19/Global chip shortage means delays of delivery by 12-26 weeks.Limited availability of samples available with 1 week delivery time - please email us for more information about samples.


Upfront device cost

Quantity button appears in pop-up window.

A separate IoT smart SIM subscription is required. After purchasing your device, download the Digital Keys app and activate one of the below subscription plans;

  • $3 monthly for a minimum of 24 months

  • $4 monthly for 12 months



Digital Keys 
app unlocking


Access management software account


Anti-tampering alerts


Live event notifications 


5 years battery life


Connected access with no equipment

You can easily install the NB-IoT smartlock on any door without having to worry about things like Wi-Fi, modems, routers, Wi-Fi bridges, mesh networks and onsite power;

  • With built-in SIM's inside the smartlocks connects to the internet with NB-IoT technology (part of the 5G standards) which exists on mobile networks all around the world

  • Also contains NFC mifare so that you can also use the smartlock like a typical keycard system.

Weatherproof for indoor/outdoor use

The NB-IoT smart mortise lock can be used on interior doors or on exterior doors, its weatherproof and rigid.

  • Pull the handle up after you close the door to engage the deadbolt for added security.

  • Use anywhere with slim design and numberpad. Also includes three point locking system.


5 different opening methods

We have built the NB-IoT smart mortise lock so that it can be used by anyone and the users can unlock with whatever method they are comfortable with;

  • Metal key over-ride in case of emergencies and for that extra piece of mind (you can replace the lock cylinder with an existing one and use in common doors too.

  • Unlocks with time-sensitive PIN, NFC mifare cards/tokens, NFC phones, over the NB-IoT network (any phone) and unlock inside our access management software. You can even unlock without the app.


Like a typical keycard system plus more


Create Digital Key

You can program your smart lock once for time -sensitive keycard use over Global IoT network with Digital Keys app 


Write to NFC Mifare card

You can write to NFC cards/tokens with the Digital Keys app (works with phones with NFC/HCE)


Unlock with card

You can unlock lock locally everytime with your NFC Mifare card/NFC token (don't have to rely on going over network) 


Get live notifications

You get instant notifications, texts of who unlocked your specific lock at what time. This  is also stored for analytics.


Forget Wi-Fi. NB-IoT is better.

Conventional smartlocks typically rely on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, but they've been hacked and they have low battery life.  Our smartlocks connect with a communications technology built specifically for IoT smart devices, so we can get better security and encryption.

Our smartlocks are similar to mobile phones with in-built IoT SIM cards and antenna's, and tiny modems (called NB-IoT modules - we use a Telit 310g module).

4 ways to unlock for maximum convenience


Download the Digital Keys app for FREE in the online stores to unlock by simply hitting one button

Digital Keys App


Generate time-sensitive PIN codes in access management software and SMS to users​

PIN Codes


Users can ring an account administrator to remotely unlock in our cloud-based access management software

Remote software


Use the Digital Keys app to write to NFC Mifare cards or tokens, (rewrite up to 10,000 times without being copied 

NFC cards/tokens

What's in the Box​


1 x smart mortise lock

NFC keycards for NB-IoT smartlocks

3 x NFC keycards


1 x EU or ANSI mortise

metal key override for NB-IoT smartlocks

1 x key cylinder + 2 keys


1 x strike plate

How it works.

step1 (1).png

Download DigitalKeys app

Download the DigitalKeys app from the online stores, sign up for a connectivity plan of 12 months or 24 months and start using the app.

Create your digital keys

You can program your smartlock for time-sensitive use for various users with the Digital Keys app and/or access management software

Unlock inside app

To unlock your smartlock push unlock/open button inside the Digital Keys app from anywhere in the world for maximum convenience.

Receive event notifications

You get live instant notifications on your phone, tablet or PC of who opened which smart padlock at what time (and by what method e.g app, PIN, card


Get in control with the DigitalKeys app

Set up your locks, generate time-sensitive digital keys, view live events, remote unlock, share digital keys, check battery status, add users and user rights and so much more with the Digital Keys app available to download in the App Store, and Google Play store.


Tech Specs


Height 30 cm Width 5 cm Depth 2.2cm Weight: 3kg


Stainless Steel
Armoured glass numberpad


NB-IoT (part of 5G standards), NFC Mifare 13.57Mhz (local opening with keycards and NFC phones) LTE-M, CAT-M (2G/3G fallback)
Nano iSIM (included) on participating local mobile network operators*
Telit 310G1 WW Dual Mode LTE-M/NB-IoT Module Details. 4G Bands; B1, B2, B3, B4, B5,B8, B8_US**, B12, B13, B18,B19, B20, B25, B26, B27, B28, B66, B71, B85 2G Bands; B2, B3, B5, B8 Output power; LTE: 23 dBm (Power Class 3) GSM/GPRS 33 dBm (Power Class 4) Approvals: FCC/IC, RED, GCF, PTCRB, ANATEL, RCM, JATE/TELEC, CCC, SRRC, NCC, KC, IMDA, AT&T, FirstNet, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile US, SKT, TELSTRA, NTT DOCOMO, KDDI, SOFTBANK, Deutsche Telekom, others.


1 year (4 year extended warranty available POA)


4AA standard alkaline batteries gives up to 2 years battery life (based on 5 activations/data transfers a day)

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Free delivery (US only)

Each delivery order is free to US mainland and delivered within 5 working days. Covid-19 and global silicon chip shortage delays 12-36 weeks.

Free returns

14 days for free returns

Expert Assistance

Contact centre experts will answer any questions

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