NB IoT Smart Padlock

NB IoT Smart padlocks improves the safety, security and controlled access of assets helping save companies time and money, and delivering peace of mind.

*No Credit Card Required

NB IoT Smart Padlock  

with digital keys - weatherproof stainless steel with armored glass numberpad  

Price: US$129* - Pre-Order Now on reserve program below for introductory price of $119. Available Q3 2020

*Connects to Telco's Narrowband Network (connnectivity and SIM provided by Telco - not included in pricing)

  • Waterproof for outdoor use IP67 rating

  • CE, FCC and NB IoT certified

  • Suitable for gates, sheds, storage boxes, electrical meters, garage doors, cabinets

  • Built-in alarm with anti-tampering sensors – three alert modes (lock activity, tamper, and forced entry) lets you know when someone is coming and going and communicates potential security threats with text notifications and alarm siren.

  • Reinforced stainless steel with armored glass numberpad

  • Licenced for use on the global NB IoT network

  • No external wiring

  • Battery status notifications

  • No onsite infrastructure required

  • NFC included for NFC card/NFC token use (use our digital keys app (Android 5.0 and above) to write to NFC cards/tokens - 3 NFC cards included per lock purchase)

  • Remote unlock over NB IoT network with our FREE digital keys smart phone app and Digital Keys Management Platform 

  • NFC unlock with digital keys app (select Android phones 5.0 and above, with NFC in the phones).

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • Protective cover (as seen in photo opposite)


Opening Methods; PIN, card, fob, phone, cloud/PC software

Communications via; U-Blox SARA R12 NB IoT/LTE/CAT M-1/2G fallback/GPS

Remote unlocking from anywhere, anytime

From anywhere in the world remotely unlock your gate, your door, your assets with your smartphone/software for staff, contractors, couriers, anyone

The best security, and nothing else required

The smart waterproof padlock, made of reinforced steel with armored glass numberpad, does not need Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi bridges, or modems, or routers, it connects to the internet with Telco's secure Narrowband network

Know where staff are and when – for OH&S

Keep posted on your staff, contractors, volunteers comings and goings with notifications every time your padlock is unlocked – history displays all activity of locking and unlocking

Built-in alarm with anti-tampering sensors

With three alert modes (lock activity, tamper, and forced entry) lets you know if there is a potential security threat with text notifications, and warning siren.

Smartphone unlocking for any time period

With day and time limits you can control, a scheduled digital key is perfect for anyone only requiring access for a short period, or anytime – generate digital key and email in seconds

What's in the Box​

1 NB IoT smart padlock

3 NFC keycards

SIM Card

You'll also need...​

You’ll also need to download the FREE Digital Keys app from the app store or from Google Play to use the smart lock and V by Vodafone app to control your subscription and activate your V- SIM


1 quick start guide

For use everywhere and anywhere





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