NB-IoT Padlock

Connected, secure, waterproof padlock with 4 modes of access including Digital Keys

Battery powered, weatherproof, networked, smart padlock

Digital Keys NB-IoT smart padlock is designed to built to last in the field for 5 years, and connects with NB-IoT, LTE-M (LTE, CAT-M, 2G/3G fallback). 2 2450mAH (3.6V) lithium thionyl chloride batteries gives 5 years battery life (based on 5 activations/data transfers a day)

Do you have a project that involves customerisation, such as hosting on your own cloud environment and with your preferred SIM's/connectivity plans? Get in touch with our sales team for the best discounts or to learn more.

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4 Modes of access

Unlock with the Digital Keys App (program for time-sensitive use); Unlock with in the Access Management Software by hitting one button (e.g contractors don't need app, just call the account administrator; unlock with the numberpad (time-sensitive PIN) and unlock with NFC keycards (program and write to cards with the Digital Keys App.

For exterior and indoor use

Stainless steel casing with armoured glass numberpad makes it suitable for outdoor and indoor cabinets, gates, electric boxes, garage doors etc. With built in tampering motion sensors, get text messages if someone attempts to break open the padlock. Unnatural movements or force also cause the acoustic alarm on site.

Live tracking and tracing

Keep posted on your staff, contractors, volunteers comings and goings with notifications to your phone every time your padlock is unlocked – history displays all activity of locking and unlocking. 

Set up NB-IoT Smart Padlock in 4 simple steps

Step 1

Download and open the Digital Keys app then follow the instructions

Step 2

Activate in the Digital Keys app by scanning QR code on the padlock

Step 3

Put your NB-IoT smart padlock in your desired locations (gate, box, etc)

Step 4

Start managing and controlling access of your NB-IoT smart padlock

What's in the Box​

1 x NB IoT smart padlock

3 x NFC keycards

1 x protective rubber cover

1 x Tamperproof screwdriver

You'll also need.....

To download the FREE Digital Keys App to activate your SIM card and subscription. You'll also need 2 lithium thionyl chloride batteries (5 years battery life) for commercial applications or 4AA batteries (2 years battery life) for residential applications. You can also control your locks with our access management software (enterprise customers)

1 x iSIM Card +

500MB pre-paid data*

*Connects to the Global IoT network available in 20 countries - see our list of available countries here

500 MB pre-paid data plans last approximately 5 years (based on 3-5 activations a day) and can be recharged at our Global IoT Network provider 1NCE

Can be hosted on your own cloud environment with your own SIM cards (enterprise customer/partners)

Technical Specifications


0.9 Kg


4AA standard alkaline batteries

2 years life (approx) 4-5 openings a day.


NB IoT module - Ublox SARA - R410M 

NFC Mifare, CPU

SIM card

Nano iSIM on participating local mobile network operators


Stainless steel outer core with anti-tampering screws

Armoured glass numberpad

Synthetic rubber cover

Waterproof (IP67)

-50C to 60°C (designed for outdoor use) 20 to 99%RH


L10.0mm x W8.2mm x B4.7mm

Rod thickness W0.8mm L6.9mm


NB-IoT (part of 5G standards), NFC (local opening with keycards and NFC phones), LTE-M, CAT-M (2G/3G fallback)

Unlocking methods



Digital Keys app unlocking

Remote unlock in software


We have our own app and software, do we have to use your app and software?

We have built API's so that you can add all the features of the Digital Keys apps and software to your own apps and software. Visit our API's page to learn more. To get a copy of our API's and to start building your integration email us at

When and where can I buy the NB IoT smart padlocks?

Our NB IoT smart padlocks will soon be available to purchase on our website or at your local distributors or local telco's. Subscribe to our newsletter by sending an email to to get ongoing updates to availability.

Will the NB IoT smart padlocks work in my country?

NB IoT networks have been rolling out in dozens of countries across the planet. Please check our page 'NB IoT Network Map' for country rollout details. Also please send us an email with your country and we will chase up with our telco partners about NB IoT network availability around you.

How strong/heavy duty/rugged is your NB IoT smart padlock?

The padlock casing we use in made of stainless steel with armored glass numberplate (to enable NB IoT signals and commands to penetrate). The casing is from a top selling RFID/GPS padlock (we use our own NB IoT PCB's), that has sold hundreds of thousands over the last few years for use on shipping containers, sheds, trailers etc, so it is heavy duty and can handle almost any conditions thrown at it.

Do you have discounts for bulk volume purchases?

Yes, please email us at to discuss your needs and wants.

How do you get such a long battery life (around 2 years) as compared to only a few months with other connected locks (e.g Wi-Fi/BLE)?

Our locks remain in sleep mode most of the time, conserving battery, and are only woken up for a couple of seconds when you need to use the lock (e.g to unlock it, get live audit). All other connected locks are constantly on and connected to the internet sucking up battery life.

Where does the data lie, and who controls the data of the NB IoT smart padlocks?

Our cloud servers are hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in your local country. No one has access to your data except you. If you want to host the system on your local servers, please get in touch with us to discuss further at

Where is my data held and who controls it?

Your data is safely secured and managed at your telecommunication Company who you sign up with for the connectivity services. All our smart access system services and data rests with the telecommunication companies who follow strict data legislation, standards and policies to ensure the highest levels of data security, privacy and integrity. If you can trust the telecommunication companies with your mobile phones, and mobile data, then you can trust them for NB IoT smart access.

Is there ongoing costs to use the NB-IoT smart padlocks?

Yes, there are connectivity costs to use our NB IoT smart padlocks on local telecommunication companies mobile networks. The locks connect to mobile networks like mobile phones do. But unlike mobile phones, the smart padlocks use very little data - on average less than 5-10 MB a month. For example unlock commands and data retrievals (such as for the live audit) are around 8-10 bytes on average.This means we can take advantage of the lowest data plans offered by local mobile network operators for utilising their NB IoT networks. For example in some European countries you can pay a one-time fee of 10 Euros when you purchase our smart padlock and receive a data flat rate of 500MB to use over 10 years on Deutsche Telekom's NB IoT network - click here to see more. Thats right 10 Euros for 10 years. Prices depend on different carriers in different countries. Please check with your local carrier or our distributors for pricing, or send us an email if you would like to know more.

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