The smart way to protect your assets

NB IoT Smart padlocks improves the safety, security and controlled access of assets helping save companies time and money, and delivering peace of mind.

*No Credit Card Required

NB IoT Smart Padlock LDK60  with digital keys - weatherproof stainless steel with armored glass numberpad  

Price: US$129* - Pre-Order Now on reserve program below for introductory price of $109. Available Q1 2020

*Connects to Telco's Narrowband Network (connnectivity and SIM provided by Telco - not included in pricing)

  • Waterproof for outdoor use IP67 rating

  • CE, FCC and NB IoT certified

  • Suitable for gates, sheds, storage boxes, electrical meters, garage doors, cabinets

  • Built-in alarm with anti-tampering sensors – three alert modes (lock activity, tamper, and forced entry) lets you know when someone is coming and going and communicates potential security threats with text notifications and alarm siren.

  • Reinforced stainless steel with armored glass numberpad

  • Licenced for use on the global NB IoT network

  • No external wiring

  • Battery status notifications

  • No onsite infrastructure required

  • NFC included for NFC card/NFC token use (use our digital keys app (Android 5.0 and above) to write to NFC cards/tokens - 3 NFC cards included per lock purchase)

  • Remote unlock over NB IoT network with our FREE digital keys smart phone app and Digital Keys Management Platform 

  • NFC unlock with digital keys app (select Android phones 5.0 and above, with NFC in the phones).

  • 2 Year Warranty


Opening Methods; PIN, card, fob, phone, cloud/PC software

Communications via; U-Blox SARA R12 NB IoT/LTE/CAT M-1/2G fallback/GPS

Remote unlocking from anywhere, anytime

From anywhere in the world remotely unlock your gate, your door, your assets with your smartphone/software for staff, contractors, couriers, anyone

The best security, and nothing else required

The smart waterproof padlock, made of reinforced steel with armored glass numberpad, does not need Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi bridges, or modems, or routers, it connects to the internet with Telco's secure Narrowband network

Know where staff are and when – for OH&S

Keep posted on your staff, contractors, volunteers comings and goings with notifications every time your padlock is unlocked – history displays all activity of locking and unlocking

Built-in alarm with anti-tampering sensors

With three alert modes (lock activity, tamper, and forced entry) lets you know if there is a potential security threat with text notifications, and warning siren.

Smartphone unlocking for any time period

With day and time limits you can control, a scheduled digital key is perfect for anyone only requiring access for a short period, or anytime – generate digital key and email in seconds

What's in the Box​

1 NB IoT smart padlock

3 NFC keycards

SIM Card

You'll also need...

You’ll also need to download the FREE Digital Keys app from the app store or from Google Play to use the smart lock and V by Vodafone app to control your subscription and activate your V- SIM


1 quick start guide

For use everywhere and anywhere





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