Next level security with NB-IoT

NB-IoT smart access is secure by design, keeping users and their data protected thanks to inbuilt mobile network security features and encryptions enforcement


NB-IoT security features 


3GPP/GSMA Security Protocols

NB IoT has passed security protocols by 3GPP/GMSA the organisations responsible for managing mobile networks globally.


Fully managed and standardised

NB-IoT is part of the mobile network with fully managed standardized security guaranteeing the integrity of all data running through it


VPN Security

The Telecommunication company provides a dedicated VPN for further security and reliability.


RSA Chipset Security

The NB IoT module chipset included in our smart locks applies 2048 bit RSA encryption


IPSEC security layer

Between the telco's mobile network, and the IoT device management platform, a layer of Internet Protocol Security (IPSEC) is provided.


HTTP military grade encryption

All communications are running on HTTPs military grade 256 bit encryption between all the vertical applications 

Learn about telco's innovative approach to NB-IoT security and encryption

Mobile Network Operators have re-engineered security for IoT devices with a multilayered approach to provide defences across the entire device end-to-end solution.

Get protection against current threats


Mobile Operators restrict the communication from NB-IoT devices to specific servers

This restriction measure means a compromised device will be unable to communicate with any other destination, thus limiting any potential threat

These restrictions are implemented using a whitelist of IP addresses, IP address ranges or URLs. 

Managed communications with NB-IoT

Secure communication channels


Mobile operators ensure that customer/user data is encrypted while travelling across their own infrastructure

For data traversing the internet, mobile operators provide and manage secure connections using virtual private networks (VPNs) and secure private, access point names (APNs)

Mobile operators help device manufacturers keep their data communications isolated from other traffic.

NB-IoT is the only IoT licenced spectrum


As regulated entities with spectrum licensees, mobile operators have to comply with a range of requirements established by the regulatory authorities in the markets in which they operate.

In most countries, mobile operators now have long track records of keeping their networks secure, building trust among regulators, governments and policymakers.

NB-IoT is the only globally licenced IoT communications technology by GSMA/3GPP


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