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Open new possibilities with Smart Access API's

Our API's are available now - start building today. Integrate our NB IoT smart access control solution into your smartphone app, your software, or your hardware.

NB IoT Smart Access API 

Using the NB-IoT Smart Access API, you can add all the features from the digital keys app and the smart lock management software to your own app, your own software, your own booking website, your own dashboard and your own device?


Are you skilled in MQTT and JSON? Then you can get started on your own with our API's

What can I do with the Smart Access API?

You can control the various functions of your NB IoT Smart locks as well as get status of the device itself from your own branded apps and software. Functions you can add include;

  • Create time sensitive digital keys for yourself or other users

  • Cancel digital keys at anytime

  • Remote unlock by hitting one button without having to generate a digital key

  • Get live audits - that is who opened the door at what time and with what method (e.g app unlock, keycard unlock)

  • Create users in your system and give them access rights to specific smartlocks, and allow them to make time-limited digital key requests which you can approve as account administrator by pressing one button in an email after the request is made

  • Write your digital keys to NFC keycards

  • View live battery status, and live signal strength

Note: A physical NB IoT smart lock is required to use the API. Email us to use our simulator. 

To start using the API, email us to request access.


  • A NB IoT Smart Access Account

  • An API key

Use the API to add features to your apps and software

Do you have your own apps or software that you would like to add digital key and smartlock management features to? 

Generate a new digital key for anyone's phone in a few seconds, which instantly downloads in your app. Delete the digital keys by simply hitting the delete button alongside the digital key. See who has opened which door at which time, and get live notifications to phones.


Link multiple sites and multiple users, and user groups too. You can simply hit the unlock button for any lock, without having to make a digital key

How Smart Access API works

Our API is hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) allowing us to maximise security features in our system.

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