NB-IoT smart locks API

Open new possibilities with our API and guides

Integrate into your smartphone app, or your software 

Integrate to your software/apps with our API's

Do you have your own software or apps, and would you like to add the features of our NB-IoT Access system to your products? Its easy with our API's. Read below to learn more about what you can do with our API's


Connect your apps and software 

Add all the features from the digital keys app and the smart lock management software to your own app, your own software, or your own booking website.


Design your own way

With our API's is easy to add a button, or a function anywhere you want in your existing apps or software - e.g add a generate a digital key/email user button next to a Salesforce job scheduler 

Use our API's to define the message formats, data structures and protocols

Our API's are intended to be used by developers working for integrators and customers seeking to integrate NB IoT smart locks with customerised apps, software and systems, and connected to the internet on the NB IoT network.

API Endpoints

Each endpoint has its own unique path, so you can access our various features such as digital keys 

Full Documentation

Instructions for editing configurations, deployment, production and testing opening logic on our localhost

Deploy to your servers 

Deploy your releases to Capistrano and our integrations servers or your own servers

How our API works

A user generates a request for a digital key for a specific lock in a booking calendar for any future date and time. This request is then sent to the NB-IoT platform and assigned a unique ID and stored in the database there. The digital key ID is also sent immediately to the users app as an unlock button.

NB-IoT smartlock architecture diagram

You can choose the modules and features you want to use

Give your users the features they need to more efficiently manage your assets, backed by mobile network security. Select from the following list below of the features/modules you can choose to add to your own apps/software


Create timed digital keys 

Users can generate digital keys themselves or make requests to administrators.


Delete digital keys 

Hit one button to cancel any digital key in an instant.

Remote unlock

Hit one button to unlock without having to generate a digital key in advance


Live audits 

See who has opened the door at what time and with what method (e.g app unlock, keycard unlock)


Create users/user groups

Give access rights to specific users and specific smartlocks


Write to NFC keycards

No need for typical card writing devices. Click one button to write to a NFC mifare card which can't be copied.


Live status's 

View live battery status, and live signal strength, and door open/close reports


Multiple sites - 1 account

There is no limit to the number of locks, sites, buildings in your account, connect them all in one account.

Can we manage access control for users entirely via the API?

Yes, you can choose which features/modules you want to add to your own apps and software (e.g create digital keys, live events) and use our API to these specific features to your own apps and software.

Can the system integrate with 3rd party software and apps (software/apps that we don't own)?

Yes, but you will need to have access to that third party software and apps source code so you can integrate our access management features to that third party software and apps. For example if you want to integrate a third party Property Management System owner that is not yours, you will need to make arrangements with that PMS owner to integrate our API's to their software. You will need to faciliate these arrangements yourself - we only provide the API's.

Is the API open (API) so that developers can integrate the control system into other systems and applications (ie. to retrieve data, send data etc)?

The API is open to use after you request access to it from us. Please email us for a copy of the API info@digitalkeys.io

Is the system compatible with Android, iOS and other operating systems?

Yes. If you want to add the NFC write to card module to your own app, you can only use Android app (not iOS), and some iPhone models don't allow unlock with NFC. Please check with your phone specific model about NFC availability and use available.

Is there ongoing costs to use the API's?

This depends on a number of factors such as which carriers/platforms/order size/usage rates. Please email us info@digitalkeys.io to discuss further.

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