Integrate our API's

Our API's are available now - start building today. Integrate our NB IoT smart access control solution into your smartphone app, your software, or your hardware.

Our API's mean you can easily brand smart access to your own products 

Add digital keys to your own smartphone apps

Have your own app or one in development? Our API's mean you can add the digital keys unlock, digital keys request and wrife to NFC card features to your app

Add the digital keys management software features to your software

You can add all the features from our digital keys management software to your software, booking engine, etc including making new users, making time sensitive digital keys and live audits, and more.

Pick and choose features to add to your software

Do you work with Salesforce, or Property Management software or any third party software? Use our API's to add one or two specific features to your software. See the list below of features you can add.

Our API's enable you to add the following features to your apps, software, website 

Make time-sensitive digital keys

Generate a new digital key for anyone's phone in a few seconds, which instantly downloads.

Cancel digital keys anytime

Delete the digital keys by simply hitting the delete button alongside the digital key

Get live audits

See who has opened which door at which time, and get live notifications to phones

Manage multiple users/sites

Link multiple sites and multiple users, and user groups too

Remote unlock inside software

You can simply hit the unlock button for any lock, without having to make a digital key

Get alerts and notifications

Get battery alerts/status, see if the lock is online, get signal strength.

Easily integrates 

See the diagram opposite to see how an API integration can easily interface into our smart access control system. We can provide our API's to you to do the integration, or you can provide your API's to us - you choose, your access your way.

Your access, your way

Our API's are about streamlining your operations, and management processes, so if you already have a piece of software or app, and you think your system can be improved with smart access in your system, then send us an enquiry about our API, and see what it can do.

Get in touch with us for a NB IoT smart access control demo

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