A technology built for the Internet of Things

Safely connect to the internet in a new more secure way

What is NB-IoT?

Narrowband IoT, is a low power wide area network technology (LPWAN) developed with the aim to connect multiple Internet of Things devices and empower IoT architecture using existing mobile networks. In a nutshell, it is a narrowband and low power technology that handles small amounts of two-way data transmission in an efficient, secure, and reliable manner. 

NB-IoT features at a glance 

Connecting devices to devices and humans to devices

Today, about 6.5 billion ‘things’ are connected to the internet. Yet, we are still only connecting less than 1% of what could be potentially connected to the internet. This is because these items are either too remote, too inaccessible, or there are simply too many to make it economically viable to do so. NB-IoT aims to change all that.

A Communications Technology for the 21st Century

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a communications technology(part of the 5G standards) that was developed to enable efficient communication and long battery life for mass distributed devices across wide geographical footprints and deep within urban infrastructure.

Creating New Business Models and security standards

NB-IoT can be used to connect devices, such as sensors, to drive new data streams, reduce operational costs and create new business models. It is the most secure communication technology available taking advantage of mobile network encryptions and security features

No onsite equipment or infrastructure needed

NB IoT integrates into telecommunication companies mobile networks, so there is no need for onsite network infrastructure such as Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi bridges, so devices can be manufactured and sold cheaper.

NB-IoT benefits 

Narrowband IoT(NB-IoT) utilises mobile network security and encryption. Devices built with NB-IoT consume low power and have short transmission times (on average 1-3 seconds). The devices also require no onsite equipment or infrastructure. 

Compare NB-IoT to other access control technologies

Digital Keys

NB-IoT Smartlocks

August Wi-Fi/BLE

Smart Lock

Codelocks OTP/  BLE Smart Lock

Typical RFID

Keycard Lock

API integrations

Battery life

1/2 year

2 years

typically mains powered

Internet connected smartlock

Mobile network connectivity(NB-IoT/LTE-M)

No onsite equipment required

No onsite power required

Works with keycards

Multiple locks on one account

Live event notifications(tracing/audits)

Access management software

Cancel digital keys in app/software

No onsite wiring

Time-sensitive use

2 - 5 years

NB-IoT by the numbers


Mobile operators have deployed NB-IoT networks


Countries have NB-IoT networks switched on


NB-IoT devices have been deployed globally

More information for download

Mobile IoT Commercial Launches by GSMA

Link to GSMA website for most up to date info

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