NB IoT Overview

Safely connect to the internet in a new more secure way. NB IoT is a new technology for the Internet of Things and smart locks allowing more efficient and secure property management 


By the Numbers

NB IoT has been rolling out on Telco's mobile networks with 5G and is the most secure IoT communications technology.

The NB IoT Difference


NB IoT meets all the challenges for the internet of things

NB IoT means easy deployment

NB IoT integrates into the telco's mobile phone networks, taking advantage of the networks enhanced security for every device

Long Battery Life 2 years

Devices stay asleep and are only woken up to receive commands or to send data, maximising battery consumption

Cost Savings - no infrastructure

There is no need for onsite network infrastructure such as Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi bridges, so devices can be manufactured and sold cheaper.

Locks - The Biggest IoT Opportunity


50 billion locks worldwide

According to an Ericsson IoT research report, Smart locks sit at the top of projected connected devices graphs at 50 billion (see opposite)

IoT will comprise more "things" than all smartphones, PC's, tablets, and wearables combined. ​Its important to give locks the most secure, reliable, licenced network for their communications, as they will soon be largest addressable market for IoT devices in the world.

NB IoT partners

How we use NB IoT in our smart access control system


As a replacement for wires and Wi-Fi to program the locks for limited time period use


Our API's mean we can interface to any third party software, apps or hardware

Remote Unlocking

Unlock from cloud based software over the NB IoT network from anywhere

Live Audits

Get live notifications to phones about who opened which door at what time, and how!

Device status

Get live battery status; see if the lock is online; get tampering alerts; ping lock anytime

Digital Keys

Smartphone unlocking and programming from anywhere, at anytime for anyone

NB-IoT Global Coverage Map

Compare other IoT communication technologies

Other IoT Technologies such as Sigfox and Lora are unregulated and rely on private operators building their own towers and setting up their networks their own way. So there are no controls, and no large reputable companies like Telcos overseeing the networks, so security and reliability can not be assured.


NB IoT has better battery life, better penetration, better indoor coverage, better battery life, and better security.

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