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Customer-first Hotels Beat Out Traditional Growth

Hilton and Starwood Hotels are leading the way with providing loyalty apps for guests to improve their hotel stays. Loyalty apps enhance guest’s experiences in many ways. Guests can now bypass the reception desk and go straight to their room by checking in on their phones. No more need to have a 24 hour manned desk to ensure expedient service and checking-in. With a digital key solution guests can access their rooms at the appropriate times, and quickly get settled in saving them valuable time. Waiting in queues, filling out paperwork, and the hope you receive a decent room at check-in become notions of “traditional” service. By allowing guests to choose their exact room from a map there are

Locks Enter the Digital Age

The future of locks is finally here with Narrowband Internet of Things by Vodafone and Huawei. With the emergence of this new technology we have the opportunity to unlock enormous security improvements to all types of locks. With no need for onsite infrastructure and power we are able to provide a solution that has all of the benefits of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth locks, with a more secure technology. Due to technology rapidly evolving, some lock companies have been forced to offer solutions that use a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to offer timed-access control. As a result hotels, such as Hilton and Starwood, are using a costly and unreliable digital key solutions that rely on Bluetooth and W