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Where in the World is NB IoT?

NB IoT technologies, which enable devices to communicate to each other and the cloud on their own specially designed networks, are growing quickly across the globe. NB IoT means better security, better efficiency, better battery life, and better reliability for smart locks and provide more cost-effective connections than existing Wi-Fi broadband networks. Because NB IoT is only a software upgrade on the existing cellular network, cities can access NB IoT after the update in only a matter of hours. A perfect example to show how efficiently NB IoT can be installed is one by Vodafone in January 2017. In only three hours, Vodafone was able to provide NB IoT access to the city of Valencia, Spain,

Smart Locks Can Be Sexy

As technology has advanced the need to make that technology accessible hasn’t been quite as quick to keep pace. Interfaces and hardware seemed to be as complex as the technology it took to build it. Thankfully, smart locks are finally getting a makeover they deserve. Smart locks usually focus on the ease of access, and casually leave smart design behind believing that the new technology enough to persuade consumer to invest in the new tech. However, as we saw with the booming success of Apple and Nest, an eye for design is what ultimately separates something interesting to something that we feel that we want to be a part of our lives. While there are a great number of technologies that are i

NB IoT: Sustainable Security

Today it is almost impossible to read a publication about the tech industry without some reference to the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is a natural evolution of machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and is the interconnection of intelligent devices and management platforms that collectively enable the “smart world” around us. From wellness and health monitoring to smart utility meters, integrated logistics, and self-driving drones, our world is quickly becoming a hyper-automated and connected one. Wi-Fi is one way that machines can connect to each other and to the cloud, but the problem with Wi-Fi is that it is not designed specifically for devices that need to securely communicate only small