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The Last Mile

Platforms that provide direct delivery of products grow rapidly every year. In the development of this industry, while it has been successful in scaling to be able to reach almost everyone, there is one blaring issue staring continued success over the long run. That problem is resolving the costly issue of what is known as “The Last Mile” problem. In short, the Last Mile Problem is an issue that occurs in supply chain management where the last connection between the company and the consumer multiplies exponentially because the product has to be delivered to each individual person individually. That means that while it may be cost effective to centralize all goods, the further they are distri

Market Disruption: Smart Access

It’s taken over 4,000 years, but we have finally reached a tipping point for how we secure our property. As we change from metal keys and mechanical locks to digital keys and smartlocks, we will to first go through a, hopefully short, adaptation period. While the millenials and younger seem to adapt to technology fairly quickly, there is a large percentage of the population that will need to adopt new digital technology, and has slowly adapted to the fast-changing landscape. In the same way that sites like Amazon and Ebay revolutionized the retail market, they too had a slow-moving adaptation period. Part of the reason that the adaptation period is indeed slow is the fact that it causes disc

The Future of Access

Many hotels and rental accommodations do not have reception desks that are open 24 hours. Because of the limited reception desk, guests may have to make complicated arrangements to get their key for an AirBnB or they may have to flex their travel itinerary to ensure that they arrive at a specific time that may make their trip more expensive or inconvenient. These complicated arrangements may include the use of a night telephone service that a guest has to ring up when onsite. In some instances, the telephone service provides the guest a code to open a lockbox to retrieve a metal key out of the safe to open their room door. Often these lockboxes do not have changeable codes so a guest could c