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What Governments are making their public housing stocks smart?

Most governments around the world, whether they be local, state or national, have to manage thousands and even millions of public housing properties. If you’ve ever managed an Airbnb property or a if you own a property you rent out, then you can appreciate that managing just one or two houses can be a tiresome task. Try being the Hong Kong Government who have to manage over 2.3 million dwellings! Governments can own anywhere between a few percent of total housing stock right up to 50%. For example in Spain, the national government own 2% of total housing stock, whereas in Hong Kong, the national government there own just over 50% of total housing stock. Will making homes smart make property

NB IoT smart lock motivations

Are you motivated to buy smart lock access control systems? Well to answer this question, we'll need to start at the top, and define what is access control. A simple dictionary definition of access control; Access Control: The practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, a room or area to authorised persons. Anyone who has ever worked in an office or visited an office in a big city, should be familiar with access control systems. Perhaps office workers know access control systems as “keycards” or “keycard systems”. So generally “office keycards” allow you to get into the common office areas, in addition to your office (if you have one), but you can’t unlock your boss’s office,