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Will start-ups get the IoT ball rolling?

Today, about 6.5 billion ‘things’ are connected to the Internet. And while this sounds like a lot, less than 1% of all the things that could be connected, are. New reports by large market research companies have set the number of connected ‘things’ to grow to 50 billion by 2020 – e.g see here. These new reports argue that only the surface of what IoT can achieve has been scratched, and industry and government must be prepared to help this emerging technology succeed. New reports also suggest that the IoT roll-out is behind schedule, and going slower than expected. Some reports say that the projected numbers of 50 billion connected IoT devices are not going to be hit until 2030, or never at a

How smart locks save time and money and protect users.

In last weeks blog, we learned how Governments can save money and time by installing smart access control systems for their public housing stock. According to their own laws, an Australian Government revealed that their houses must be re-keyed at the end of each tenancy. This is done in order to protect tenants, and it costs the Government over $1 million a year in locksmith fees and new locks. Smart access control systems with smart locks and digital keys, mean that you will never have to replace a lock ever again. With smart locks, digital keys can be revoked online in an instant. The Australian Government also revealed how considerable staff time is wasted on managing the keys to their pr