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5. Brings other smart devices and access control online together for more effective property management When grouped with other smart devices, and specially designed software/apps/AI, can act as a real estate agent/property manager (e.g no need for real estate agents to visit houses for open inspections – digital keys can be created for one time access, and timers/cameras/sensors can monitor property. Access can also be linked to rental payments (pay rent, and access is provided with digital keys). Maintenance workers contact details can be provided in an app. Visitors can easily be granted access anytime with digital keys for supported living. E.g Maintenance workers, nurses and social wor

9 Reasons why customers want to buy NB IoT Smart Access

NB IoT Smart Access control is here - here are 9 reasons for why NB IoT Smart access control is the best access control solution in the marketplace. Better Security NB IoT is a new secure network built specifically for smart devices to communicate. The mobile network itself, of which NB-IoT is a part, is a fully managed network with mature and standardized security to guarantee the credential and integrity of all data running in it, comparing with unlicensed solutions. ​NB-IoT as a mobile technology is applying 3GPP standardized security protocols at chipset level (3GPP is the organisation responsible for managing the mobile phone network). Huawei’s NB-IoT chipset included in our NB Smart Lo

What to do with vacant homes as the stockmarket crashes again?

So on Monday the stockmarket crashed again – in case you’ve been living under a rock, here is what happened, ‘the Dow Jones Industrial Average saw its biggest one-day point drop in history, and the S&P 500 had its worst day since 2011’. It even beat the record set during the 2008 Financial Crisis. The last financial crisis in 2008 left a massive housing problem – homelessness spiraled, and around 11 million homes became vacant across Europe, and around 18.5 million homes vacant across the USA. Most of these vacant houses are owned by banks, who repossessed the homes through forced evictions when people defaulted on their mortgage payments. Will this latest stockmarket crash add to this ever