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IoT means that a device is no longer just a device

Back in the old days, we bought devices to do a certain something. That doing something was usually singular. The benefit was usually singular too. Things were simple. For example, a record player device played music – there wasn’t much more a record player could do. The benefit we derived from the record player was 'listening to music' – there weren’t really any other benefits. Video players played video and nothing else – the benefit was being able to watch movies. A printer printed; a washing machine washed clothes; and a camera took photographs. The Internet of Things(IoT) means that our devices can now deliver multiple ‘doing somethings’, otherwise known as features. And most importantl

Our NB IoT smart lock journey

In 2016, our company LEAPIN Digital Keys worked with a German Lock manufacturer to implement our Software Development Kit (SDK) to make their locks smart. ‘Making a lock smart’, in the simplest of explanations, means being able to; unlock and control access to locks with smartphones. Locks are made smart with various technologies such as; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC), Z-Wave, Zigbee and One Time Password (OTP). Our SDK enabled lock manufacturers to add OTP and NFC with integrating smart phone apps, to their existing RFID keycard lock solutions. Image: Launching our smart locks in Germany at Cebit We also provided an Application Programming Interface(API), to lock manufact