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10 differences between NB IoT smart locks and Wi-FI/BLE smart locks

1. NB IoT smart locks use a licensed secure communication technology built specifically for device to device communications/internet connections, unlike Wi-Fi/BLE and other wireless technologies which are not licenced, and which are built for human to human interactions, and are insecure and have been hacked. 2. Connected NB IoT smart locks have a 2 year battery life, as compared to only 6 months to 1 year for Wi-Fi/BLE smart locks. 3. NB IoT smart locks require no onsite network infrastructure (Wi-Fi/BLE solutions require onsite Wi-Fi infrastructure such as modems, routers, bridges etc). 4. Connected NB IoT smartlocks require no onsite power - all other connected smart locks require onsite

What are smart locks really for?

It seems like startups are launching crowdfunding campaigns for new smart locks on a weekly basis. Each new smartlock startup is looking to ‘outsmart’ the previous one with some new feature or benefit. Take for example an Indian startup called Smodo. Smodo just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for their new smartlock, and their unique feature includes a ‘smart roller’. This is small device about the size of a smartphone connected by Bluetooth, that installs at the base of the door, that enables your door to swing open automatically when you hit the unlock button on the app. Wow, so it’s a handsfree ‘door opener’, like when you arrive at the convenience store, the doors magically