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6 reasons why telecommunication companies are backing NB IoT smart access

1. NB IoT Smart Access provides the telco's existing large enterprise customers with significant benefits including; improved security; cost and time savings; meeting regulatory/compliance requirements (e.g PCI compliance); tracking employees in real time; and exploring data analytics to improve management efficiencies. And we all know that meeting and exceeding customers expectations improves the relationship with them! 2. NB IoT smart access control acts like a ‘trojan horse’ for NB IoT technology. When the telco's existing customers buys NB IoT smart access control, they are immediately introduced to the benefits that NB IoT has to offer their company now and in the future. In time, as m

Why buildings and enterprises crave smart access with NB IoT

Smart access has different definitions and implications depending on one’s perspective. From a Regulatory Perspective, smart access mainly fosters meeting State and Federal Occupational Health and Safety requirements, especially regarding tracking employees arrivals and movements around sites, company reporting requirements, and insurance implications. From a Property Managers Perspective, smart access provides enhanced security, access control, and more efficient key management leading to cost and time savings. From a Customer Perspective, smart access will offer more convenient access, better security and peace of mind. Regardless of the perspective, any company that operates out of atleas