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6 'smart' ways to improve building and organizational management efficiency.

A successful smart building implementation must have a focus on customer needs and wants. To make buildings smart, customer participation must be relied upon to achieve increased security, efficiency, utilization, cost/time savings, and satisfaction. Below are some examples of how customers can participate in smart building implementations that ultimately aim to improve their building and management efficiency; customers can have access to and regularly evaluate their security and access profiles, patterns, and trends, in real time, and make ongoing regular adjustments and improvements customers can adjust their key management patterns and practices to minimize their costs and optimize staff

Smart Access Control vs Traditional Access Control

Recently various efforts to track employee movements on and off worksites with GPS and mobile phones/apps have faced employee backlash due to privacy concerns, and it has exposed companies to legal actions due to grey areas in local laws. This type of tracking is particularly worrying as the employee apps often keep on tracking ‘after hours’. Smart access control can avoid these privacy and tracking concerns, as it can act as an old style ‘employee punch-in card system’, automatically logging employee’s arrival on worksites when they unlock doors. Notifications of employees arrival on sites can be pushed instantly to the cloud, and emailed live to managers/HR. Smart access also provides incr