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Get total control of all your assets in one virtual place.


One account for multiple sites

Discover how our cloud based software can connect all your locks everywhere and be a game changer for managing access control

Track assets and access with GPS

Find out how you can locate your smartlocks whether they be moving or not, or for locating first time by using the inbuilt Telit GNSS module chip inside.

Hosted at AWS public cloud

Find out how collaborating with AWS to host our software on their public cloud can help with meeting local data retention laws and regulations

Harness the power of 5G IoT networks

Discover how the transformative possibilities of 5G IoT networks (NB-IoT and LTE-M) is changing the way devices connect to the internet

Watch how easy it is to make digital keys

Live event tracking

Its important for OH&S, insurance requirements etc, to always know where your employee's are at anytime.  You can see which door your users unlocked at what time in the events table. Get live notifications to your phone, so you know instantly if workers, family etc safely arrive on sites.


Smart security



Create digital keys 

Use the software on your computer, tablet or mobile to create a time-sensitive digital key for any smartlock in seconds.  Choose the date/time you want the digital key to work for, and who (user) you want to receive it. Within a second, your users digital key will appear in their digital keys app. ​The users simply need to hold their phone up to the smartlocks reader to unlock the door.

One click remote unlock

The account administrator can unlock any lock anywhere by simply clicking on the unlock button next to the listed smartlock. Great for users to get access who don't want to use the digital keys app. Users can call the administrator and ask to 'unlock'.  


Delete digital keys anytime

As our smartlocks are always connected to the internet (although in sleep mode), you can cancel the digital key at anytime. Delete any time before or during the digital keys set times

GPS Tracking/locating

Find where your smartlocks are located on mapping, whether they be moving or stationary.  Great for first time users that need to find where the smartlocks are on sites. Great for shipping containers, trucks, storage boxes in delivery vans etc.


SMS wake up


Learn more about 5G IoT

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What does IoT bring to access control systems?

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