Smart Access Software

Our easy-to-use cloud-based access control management software is hosted at AWS and interfaces to our NB-IoT platform, digital keys apps and the global NB-IoT network.


Our cloud-based smart access control management software lets you control all your NB-IoT smartlocks in the one account. You can add users to the software and create time-sensitive digital keys for them in seconds which are automatically updated to the users digital keys app. You can also track your user comings and goings (who opened which door at what time), check smartlock status, receive tampering alerts, and remote unlock by hitting one button next to the smartlocks.


Create new users/groups

Create users/user groups in the system so they can get unique digital keys assigned to them, and for tracking


View Event History

Create Digital Keys

Remote Unlock

View who opened which smartlock at which time, and with which method (e.g smartphone, keycards, software)

Create time-sensitive digital keys with a booking calendar interface, and send to user with automatic email/automatic download

Hit one button next to your list of smartlocks to unlock at anytime, without having to schedule digital keys

Remote unlock from anywhere with a click

Use our access management software on your computer, tablet or mobile to view the status of your locks at anytime. With one click of the 'unlock button', you can unlock any of your doors instantly. There is no need to generate a digital key everytime, just click the one unlock button, and you can unlock and let anyone in. Your users don't even need the digital keys app, they can simply call up the account administrator and ask them to hit the unlock button. Great for 'non techies' and one off users such as contractors, plumbers, technicians etc. You don't have to meet for key handovers or be there to let anyone in.


Ready to start exploring smart access software? 

Set up a free smart access management software account in seconds and start exploring its features. Simply click on the login in button below or at the top of the page.

Create timed digital keys in seconds for anyone

Use our access management software on your computer, tablet or mobile to create a time-sensitive digital key for any of your smartlocks in seconds. Choose the date and times you want the digital key to work for, and who (user) you want to receive the digital key, and within a second, your users digital key will appear in their digital keys app. The users simply need to hold their phone up to the smartlocks reader to unlock the door. At the expiry date and time, the digital key will simply disappear from the users app and they will no longer have access.


Get in control of your smartlocks today in 3 easy steps



Order your smartlock(s) from our online stores or our local re-seller partners (contact us to get local re-seller details)


The smartlock owner (you) will receive an email invite to use your smart access management software account for your new smartlock(s)


Download the digital keys app from the online stores and use both the smart access software and apps to start managing your smartlocks



Frequently asked questions about smart access software

Can a user get access to the NB-IoT smartlocks without the software or apps?

Yes. You can unlock with our NB-IoT smartlocks with a PIN code - this PIN code can be permanent and provided on set-up (we will ask you this in a questionaire upon set up). Alternatively an account administrator can generate time-sensitive PIN codes and email them to the users or tell them the users over the phone, so they don't have to use app or software to unlock the smartlocks. You can have an unlimited amount of PIN's or just one or a few. But for the purposes of tracking/live events, we recommend one PIN per user be generated, and they keep this personal to them, so that lock actitivity tracking can take place. Also our NB-IoT smartlocks work with keycards. You can generate the unique ID/digital key for the keycard in our lock management software, and then write to the card with our Digital Keys app and give that card to the user, so they can use it anytime and any place you have authorised them access to.

Can any user (without having the app installed, or without being in the system as authorised for PIN's or cards) get access to the smartlocks via someone else ie.admin or someone authorised to grant such permissions?

Yes, any user not authorised in the system can simply call a phone number of the account administrator, and the account administrator can hit a remote unlock button in the software to grant access immediately (without having to create a unique digital key with the calendar interface in the software).

Can the user get access to the smartlocks if the system/network goes down?

Yes, we provide master PIN's, master cards upon set up/purchase which will always work. Also if you are using your product with NFC (on phones or with NFC tokens) for local unlocking (you only need an online connection once to pre-program for the time-sensitive use with digital keys)

Can users have different access permissions according to their workspace requirements? (ie.specific floor (general access), specific office, etc)

Yes, the account administrator can select the specific locks on a list that they want the specific user to have access to, when they are generating them a new digital key in the software.

Can you have unlimited number of administrators?

Yes. its up to you to decide how many account administrators you want to create, and what rights/controls they can use. When you order from us, we ask for one account administrator email, and then its up to you after that how you want to control your administrator access.

Can users have different access permissions according to their work timetables?  ie. employers can set office hours mode for certain employees or offices etc

Yes, account adminstrators select the date and time (minimum 15 minute time slots) for which they want the users digital key to work for. Or you can create schedules so that keys only work say every day from 8am-6pm or any other times you choose.

Can users have different account permissions? ie. Employer can add and remove employee access, but employees cannot

Yes. Employee(user) access can be removed by hitting cancel button in an instant. Digital Keys for users can be deleted in an instant too. Also employee's can't grant access to specific features such as see history of unlocking only and not access to generate their own digital keys.

Can administrators create different user groups and assign group permissions? ie. access points, visitors

Yes. The administrator can create new user groups in seconds, and select the access rights for those users. For example set up a user group called 'plumbers' and give them access to only common door 1 and room door 3.

How many access points (doors etc.) can be granted to each user?

Yes. This is unlimited.

Are data export functionalities supported?

Yes, you can download as CSV or Excel files for data analaytics anytime.