Discover a new way to manage your access

Exterior/interior commercial grade EU mortise smartlock 

Designed for all types of doors

With IP54 weatherproof rating, the NB-IoT smart lever lock can be installed on exterior doors and used in busy commercial environments. It can also be used on interior office doors, hotel doors, classroom doors etc.


No onsite infrastructure or equipment

Our commercial NB-IoT smartlock does not use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or RFID technology, yet it offers all the same features that these products offer, without the need for any onsite equipment or infrastructure or onsite power. 

Live event notifications

Connects to the internet with NB-IoT or LTE-M. Also has 3G/3G, LTE, and CAT-M fallback, so you can always get a live notification about who opened which door at what time for tracking and insurance purposes.

NB-IoT Smart Padlock has 4 modes of access

NB-IoT smartlock opening method 1 with Digital Keys app

Digital Keys App

Download the Digital Keys app for FREE in the online stores to unlock by simply hitting one button

NB-IoT smartlock opening method 2 with PIN

PIN Codes*

Generate time-sensitive PIN codes in access management software and SMS to users​

NB-IoT smartlock opening method 3 with cloud based software

Remote Software

Users can ring an account administrator to remotely unlock in our cloud-based access management software

NB-IoT smartlock opening method 4 with NFC cards and tokens

NFC cards and tokens

Use the Digital Keys app to write to NFC cards or tokens, (rewrite up to 10,000 times without being copied 

*Model without numberpad also available

What's in the Box​

NB-IoT smartlock front and back panels

1 x NB IoT smart lever lock 

3 x NFC keycards

iSIM card for NB-IoT smartlocks

1 x iSIM Card +

30MB pre-paid data*

You'll also need.....

To download the FREE Digital Keys App to activate your SIM card and subscription. You'll also need 4 AA standard alkaline batteries which you can get in any supermarket. You can also manage your smartlocks with our NB-IoT smartlock software.

1 x ANSI or EU mortise

metal key override for NB-IoT smartlocks

1 x key cylinder + 2 metal keys

Digital Keys Access Management Software
NFC keycards for NB-IoT smartlocks

Use NB-IoT smartlock like a typical keycard system




Create Digital Key

Program once for time-sensitive keycard use over Global IoT network with Digital Keys app




Write to card

Write to NFC cards/tokens with the Digital Keys app




Unlock with card

Unlock lock locally everytime with your NFC card/NFC token   




Get live notifications

Get instant notification/text of who has unlocked the specific lock at what time 

Technical Specifications

*Connects to the Global IoT network available in over 20 countries - see our list of available countries here

Can be hosted on your own cloud environment with your own SIM cards (enterprise customer/partners)


Length 290mm

Width 60mm

Lever Handle length 131mm

2kg (including mortise)


Stainless steel with reinforced ABS plastic cover (black)

Stainless steel EU mortise


NB-IoT (part of 5G standards), NFC (local opening with keycards and NFC phones), LTE-M, CAT-M (2G/3G fallback)

Nano iSIM (included) on participating local mobile network operators*


1 year (4 year extended warranty available POA)


Do you have a project that involves customerisation, such as hosting on your own cloud environment and with your preferred SIM's/connectivity plans? Get in touch with our sales team for the best discounts or to learn more.