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I'm hitting the unlock button in the app, but the lock is not unlocking 

Updated on 15/8/2023

1. Check the date and time, are you authorised to unlock at this time?

2. If this is your first time unlocking, you will need to tell the lock this, by pushing the 1C button, and wait a few seconds to confirm over the network if you are authorised). You only need to do this on your first use. Every other time you simply need to hold your phone over the middle of the numberpad to unlock and press the unlock button on your phone.

3. Check if you have enabled the use of NFC in the Digital Keys app in your Mobile data settings on your phone. (You need NFC on your phone, and you need it switched on to unlock)

4.Ensure you have woken up the lock by tapping anywhere on the glass, or holding your phone (with NFC on) within 2-5 centimetres on the centre of the glass numberpad. (it is like touching your credit card/phone to pay). You may need to slightly move your phone around a little to find the sweet spot.

5. Please try again 2-4 times - sometimes it can take a few seconds for the transfer of data to the lock.

6. If you want to remote unlock over the cellular networks in the asset management software (for example if you ring up your account administrator on site and ask them to unlock for you), you need to push 1C on the numberpad to connect the lock to the network. The lock can take 3-7 seconds to connect  if there is congestion, or if the lock is a long way from a tower it may take a little longer). When you can see M1 or NB on the LED screen and a small tower icon, then you can ask your account owner to press the remote unlock button in the software (that is press the padlock icon next to the lock in the software). You can't unlock remotely unless you get both 1 M1/NB and 2. a small tower icon.

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