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DIGITALKEYS Smart Deadbolt

5G IoT connected

The DIGITALKEYS smart deadbolt takes only minutes to install and does not require any tools/drilling etc. It simply attaches with a special bracket over the top of your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door.


New advanced IoT platform integrations and in-built SIM card enables an internet connection over the global cellular IoT network in 85 countries. Control with smart access management software, get live event notifications, and unlock with digital keys app.  Powered by 4 standard AA batteries - gives up to 2 years battery life*.


Select shipping options at check-out. Subject to availability.


Free standard shipping (US). 

Delivery by Q3, 2022

See shipping fees for rest of world in cart


One-off cost for device - includes bonus 2 months subscription starter pack. Available online only

Subscription required - subscription sign-up for months 3-36 is in the Digital Keys app ($3 per month for 24 months, $2.50 per month for 36 months). Subscription includes SIM, connectivity to global cellular IoT network, infinite data, use of access management software and infinite digital keys app downloads for infinite number of users

Smart Deadbolt, Subscription and Starter Pack information


Features               Specifications               Subscription and Starter Pack Details

$3 a month

Infinite data

All unlock commands, data retrievals from lock (live audits), programming lock for time-sensitive digital keys use, cancellations, open/close status etc use data over the global cellular IoT network. There are no limits on the data you can use.

First two months are free

At the end of the 60 days starter period (included in every lock purchase), you will need to sign up for the $3 monthly subscription in the Digital Keys app for 24-36 months plan to continue using your smartlock.

Smart Access Management Software account included

One account administrator is assigned access to the cloud-based smart access management software account to manage and control smartlocks (administrator can add other users)

Unlimited users with Digital Keys app

There are no limits to the number of users that can unlock your smartlocks with the Digital Keys app (available for free in online stores)

Global Mobile IoT network

You can control your smartlocks from any country to any other country over the global cellular IoT network. The participating global cellular IoT network operators are telecommunication companies in over 85 countries - see list here.




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