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After you have generated a digital key in the Digital Keys Management Software, or made a request for a digital key in the digital keys app (see here for how to do this), your digital key will download into the digital keys app in the form of an unlock button, corresponding to the room number/lock number that was booked. All you have to do to unlock the door is hit the unlock button on the app, and then touch the NB IoT logo on the lock (on the NB IoT smart lock LDK400) or touch the star * on the lock numberpad (LDK100). It should take 1-3 seconds to unlock. Depending on network load, very rarely it may take up to ten seconds to unlock. 

STEP 1  - Open Digital Keys app and hit 'unlock' button.

STEP 2 - Touch star button on numberpad (LDK100 on left) or touch NB IoT logo (LDK400) right (this wakes up the lock/helps conserve battery)

STEP 3 - Enter!


NB IoT Smart Lock LDK100 (with numberpad) comes with a 4 digit PIN. The PIN can be changed anytime to a PIN of your choice in the digital keys management software (see how here).


All our NB IoT smart locks comes with 2 NFC master keycards. You can make these keycards or any time-sensitive keycards or NFC tokens with our Digital Keys app for Android phones.


For more regular users, or where there is high traffic we encourage local NFC unloking with Android phones. Simply hit the unlock button in the digital keys app, and then follow the steps of touching the lock to unlock it (as outlined above)


All our NB IoT smart locks come with 2 mechanical metal keys. 


Digital Keys Management Sotware





Please check with LEAPIN Digital Keys Ltd, or your local distributor/integrator for the  log-in details and password to use the Digital Keys Management Software. 

Click “Sign in” button at top of digital keys home page and enter your username and password to access the software.


The Create Users feature enables you to add permanent or semi-permanent users, in addition to being able to great 'user groups' such as visitors or contractors. When using the user groups this only has to be done once, and then digital keys can be created for these user group types, without having to go through the process of entering all the users details each time.

Create New User Group

1. Create new 'User Group' by selecting User Groups on left hand side menu

2. Select 'New' button

3. Enter the name of the new user group in the box e.g contractor, or visitor and click submit.

4. A ‘created’ confirmation message is returned, and you can see the new user group you named in the table.

Create New User (Individual)

1. Select 'New User' from the box on the home page.

2. Enter the users details into the form, and click 'Submit' button when finished.

3.  A ‘created’ confirmation message is returned, and the user is listed now in the users table. The users name, or user group can now be selected when generating a time-sensitive digital key as outlined in the next section.


Account Managers can create time-sensitive Digital Keys for anyone, anywhere at anytime from within the Digital Keys Management Software, as outlined below. 

1. Click on the 'New Digital Key' box on the homepage

2. Select user name or user group from drop down menu.

3. Select the date and time you want the digital key to work for.

NOTE - The Digital Keys are pre-set with default times to work from 2pm on the first date of choice, to 10am on the final date of choice. You can easily change these times by selecting in the time box.

4. Select the access point (that is room/lock) for where you want to make the digital key work for from the drop-down menu as shown below.

5. Click the submit button

6.  A message will appear on the next screen that says created, and the digital keys will appear in the 'created digital keys table' (this is a list of all digital keys that have been created/in use) - if the dates for the digital key created is current, the digital key will display as “ACTIVE”. The user will then receive their digital key immediately on the digital keys app in the form of an unlock button in a tab with the access point selected.


The 'Unlock Door' feature enables authorized users to unlock their locks/doors at anytime as outlined below.

1. Select buildings box on the home page (to drill down to the lock you want to unlock)

2. Select the Building name of where the lock is that you want to open

3. Click the ‘unlock’ button of the lock you want to unlock. Lock will open.

NOTE: After you hit unlock, someone will need to be at the door to touch the lock which wakes it up, so it can unlock.


The Delete Digital Key feature enables authorized users to delete a users digital key at any time. To delete a digital key select Digital Keys from side menu bar as shown below.

1. All the Digital Keys created will be listed in a table. Select the ‘Delete/rubbish bin’ icon, to delete the digital key.

2. A message will appear at the top of the screen confirming the digital key has successfully deleted.

Of course to delete a digital key, you need to first generate a digital key – see previous section titled ‘Generate time-sensitive digital key’.


The Live Audit feature shows who opened which door(lock/access point) at which time. The Live Audit is useful for tracking movements of users throughout buildings, and for arriving and leaving sites -for knowing who has entered a room/space at what time – similar to a time-card punch-in system.

The features of the audit include

1 Events menu bar

2 Access point – lock/room name

3 User – lock opened by user with users name as identifier

4 Unlock Method – NFC unlock (by NFC on phone or NFC token), APP unlock on Digital Keys smartphone app (over NB IoT network), SOFT on Digital Keys management software 

5 Time - the time the lock was unlocked

NOTE: The unlock event automatically updates into the table within a few seconds of someone unlocking the door. This a view only feature.


You can view the status of the lock at anytime including seeing the battery status, and the signal strength/see that lock is online.

1. Select 'Access Points' from the side menu bar.

2. Select the building from the drop down menu

3. The locks and their signal strength and battery levels will be displayed as outlined below. 

Signal strength is defined as;

POOR = NB IoT Network ECL2

FINE = NB IoT Network ECL1

EXCELLENT = NB IoT network ECL0^

*Extended Coverage Level as defined by the 3GPP - the authority charged with managing the global mobile phone network)

^Recommended Signal Strength for NB IoT Smart locks


The Home page provides shortcuts to the features of the Digital Keys Management Software and also displays live notifications of all activities of the account holders locking system, including new keys being generated, locks being unlocked, and digital keys being deleted. Live 'Alerts' are also featured on the home page for any locks in the account system, such as when the battery status gets below 10%. Notifications of alerts can also be sent to account manager phone or a selected users phone.


For NB IoT smart locks with a numberpad (including LDK100 model) a factory permanent 'master PIN' is assigned to the lock as an unlocking method (the factory PIN is provided in your set-up guide with the lock). You can use the 'Update PIN' feature, as outlined below to update the PIN to a 6 digit number of your choice. Coming soon - 4 digit time-sensitive PIN's.


Digital Keys Universal App (Android and iPhone)



Download the Digital Keys Universal App from the online stores, and sign-in or sign-up. If you are administrator/account manager please use the same email and password you used for signing in to the Digital Keys Management Software.


Upon signing in (only need to do this once, or after a new digital key is generated for you), your list of digital keys which has been created for you by your account administrator will appear. Touch the 'unlock button' for the door you want to unlock.

Wait 1-3 seconds for unlock command to go over NB IoT network/query device status

After 1-3 seconds a message will appear saying, 'Done touch the NB IoT logo to open it'. You're door will be unlocked and you can enter.


You can request at anytime a digital key from inside the digital keys app. Upon making a request for a digital key, after choosing date/time and lock, your account administrator will receive an email asking to approve your request. The account administrator can approve the request simply by hitting an approve button inside their email. The idea of this function is to make management of the locks and system the most efficient it can be, so the account administrator does not have to worry about logging into the software and generating new digital keys each time for authorised users. The end-user can 'generate the digital key' themselves inside the app and all they have to do to get access to a lock is to seek the approval of the account adminstrator, by getting them to hit one button inside their email.

1. To make a request for a digital key, firstly select 'Request a Digital Key' from the menu bar - as shown below.

2. Select the date and time for the digital key to work (select outer circle on the clock face first for times between 12AM-11:59AM. Choose the inner circle on the lock face for times between midday and midnight.

3. Choose from the list the locks/access points which you want a digital key for. This list will be made available for you to choose from when your account administrator first sets you up as a regular user in the digital keys management software account. If the lock you want access to is not on the list, then please follow up with your account administrator.

4. Review your Digital Key request, and if you like, give a message to your account administrator stating why you need the digital key for the date/time you have requested. For example you could say, "I'm opening the shop tomorrow as John is on leave, and so I need the digital key, or "I need to get to the server room tomorrow between 2-3pm to upload some updates of the software", or whatever reason it is you need to get a digital key. After you hit the 'Submit your request' button, your account administrator will immediately receive an email, and if they approve by hitting the one button in the email, then your digital key will appear within a few seconds. You will need to refresh the screen if you have the app open to see your new digital key(s).


If you would like to use your NB IoT smart access control solution just like a typical keycard system, such as those commonly used in hotels and offices, then follow the steps below to make a NFC card/token work for a specific lock/room for a specific time period for a specific person. 

1. Generate the digital key in the digital keys management software (as outlined above) or make a digital keys request in the app (see section above). 

2. Select the NFC card maker menu item.

3. Place one of our supplied NFC card/tokens* to the back of the phone (Android phone operating system version 5.0 and above) and hit the 'Make Card' button. The digital key will then copy to the card/token, and you are ready to use the card/key for the time/date/lock you are authorised to access. 

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