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Mobile network security/encryption

Unlike some types of connectivity, 5G IoT networks (NB-IoT and LTE-M) are expertly managed and secured by mobile network operators. Connect to the internet with complete confidence.


Security features built for IoT devices


End-to-end encryption

You can benefit from this comprehesive end-to-end encryption featuring military grade security throughout the numerous layers.


Mobile Network data privacy

5G IoT is designed from the ground up by mobile network operators to help counter security threats to the IoT, such as hacking and hijacking.  


Fully standardized 

5G IoT is part of mobile networks with fully managed standardized security guaranteeing the integrity of all data running through it.


Private VPN

Mobile operators aid IoT device manufacturers in maintaining the privacy of their data communications by isolating them from other traffic through private VPNs



GSMA's IoT Security Guidelines Report 

GSMA has produced guideline documents to promote a methodology for developing secure IoT Services to ensure security best practices are implemented throughout the life cycle of the services.

Module encryption

The NB-IoT modules have passed certifications to apply 2048 bit RSA encryption.

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Https encryption

All communications on all levels are running on HTTPs military grade 256 bit encryption.

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Designated servers

Telco's limit communications from 5G IoT devices to designated servers, preventing a compromised device from communicating with any other device. 

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RFID keycard locks shown to be hacked 

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Huge security flaws in Bluetooth locks

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