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Wählen Sie aus einer Reihe von 5G-IoT-Smartlocks, die für Ihre Anlagen geeignet sind. Holen Sie sich noch heute eine zeitkritische vernetzte Zutrittskontrolle.

See when/where students are with live tracking

Every time a student unlocks a door, an administrator or security person or any nominated officer can receive email and phone notification, allowing them to keep track of who is in which classroom and at what time. This data is also recorded in our software events function, and can be used in data analytics. 

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5G IoT smartlovks mean enhanced security

Generate time-sensitive digital keys in seconds

Generating time-sensitive digital keys in our asset management software and emailing them to students takes just a few seconds. You can cancel the digital key anytime too with a single click in the software. You don't always have to generate digital keys for everyone, you can remotely unlock any door anywhere for anyone, such as visitors, by clicking one button in our asset management software. 

Learn more about digital keys app here or read more below.

Unlock with the Digital Keys app

Digital Keys 5G IoT smartlocks redefines how security and control is delivered. 

Digital Keys app screenshot

5G IoT connected system

Use the digital keys app to unlock your doors. After an account administrator generates a time-sensitive digital key in the smart access management software, the digital key will appear in the users digital wallet as a new digital key. The user simply holds their phone up to the lock to unlock your smartlock (works with NFC and over NB-IoT network). You can also locate your smartlocks with GPS and more.

Digital Key requests

Students can make digital key requests in the digital keys app to the account administrator.


Write to keycards

You can also use the Digital Keys app to write to NFC Mifare keycards and tokens such as stickers which can then be stuck on existing keycards.

Big Data Analytics

By utilizing big data analytics and AI tools, you can improve management efficiencies, such as automatically mapping out site schedules and digital keys in advance.

Secure your assets with the most trusted security

Unsere Kunden transformieren ihr Geschäft mit Smart Access


TopDigital Groups sichert ihre Einzelhandelsgeschäfte mit  intelligenter Zugriff 

„Wir sind zuversichtlich, dass die intelligente Zutrittskontrolllösung die richtige Lösung für Einzelhandelsgeschäfte, Büros und Hotels in Spanien ist.“ 

Manuel Illanes, CTO, TopDigital Group

Lesen Sie die Geschichte 

Joaquin Borge-Sanchez, Head of Business Unit, SAG

Read the story 

Digital Keys at Cebit

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