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Wählen Sie aus einer Reihe von 5G-IoT-Smartlocks, die für Ihre Anlagen geeignet sind. Holen Sie sich noch heute eine zeitkritische vernetzte Zutrittskontrolle.


Smart access control features

Digital Keys 5G IoT smart doorlock

Mobile network security and encryption

Our smartlocks come with in-built SIM cards that allow them to connect to the global 5G IoT network, accessible through mobile networks worldwide, taking advantage of mobile network security and encryption. 

Small Meeting

Our smartlocks offer a range of convenient unlocking methods, including using the digital keys app, PIN codes, keycards, and remote unlock in our software. Choose the one that works best for you. 

5 unlocking methods

unlock with digital keys app

Easily share digital keys

Share unique digital keys with delivery people, contractors, babysitters, dog walkers, friends, and family members. They can securely unlock and access your property with ease. 

Get the most secure and most reliable access control 


Cloud-software hosted at AWS 

By collaborating with AWS to host our software on their public cloud it meets local data retention laws/regulations


Unlimited users and data

Easily add users to the software, so you can generate and share digital keys in seconds with anyone anywhere


Comes with in-built SIM card to connect to the internet over the global 5G IoT network that operates on cellular networks.

Connects/works 'out of the box'

Unsere Kunden transformieren ihr Geschäft mit Smart Access


Australian B&B spart mit Digital Keys jedes Jahr Zehntausende

"Das Digital Keys-System hat uns viel Zeit und Geld gespart, da wir keine Rezeption mehr besetzen mussten."

Anthony Slot, Eigentümer/Manager der Marysville Garden Cottages

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Anthony Slot, Owner/Manager Marysville Garden Cottages
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Marysville Garden Cottages

Secure your assets with the most trusted security

Get started with Digital Keys

download digital keys app

Download Digital Keys App

Download and open the Digital Keys app then follow the instructions on how to set up your smartlock

install your digital keys smartlock

Install your smartlock anywhere

Install your 5G IoT smart lock on your door - its weatherproof so you can use it on exterior doors or interior doors

control your digital keys smartlock

Control your smartlock

Start managing and controlling your 5G IoT smart padlock with the smart access software and/or digital keys app

Unlock the best deals

Tell us about your application for 5G IoT smart access. An expert will help you find the right solution and answer any questions you have.

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