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Get smart access with 5G IoT 

Smart access control with no onsite equipment, network infrastructure or onsite power - smartlocks have SIM's inside and communicate over mobile networks.

With 5G IoT smart access, you're always in control 

What is 5G IoT smart access control?

It's simple: we replace Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all their supporting equipment and infrastructure with SIM cards inside the locks.

With SIMs inside the lock you can; remote unlock from anywhere; create digital keys in seconds and unlock with your phone; get live events of who opened at what time; and with inbuilt tampering alarms, and more, you are always in control.

You can also take advantage of mobile network security and encryption features to get the most secure, the most conveneint and the most advanced access control system available today. 

5G IoT Smartlock options for any requirements
or use cases anywhere in the world 


To learn more about our range of 5G IoT smartlocks and how they may be appropriate for your property or use case by clicking on the images above. To learn more about security click here. To learn more about 5G IoT technology click here.


Cloud software hosted at AWS in your country

Our IoT platform is hosted at AWS and it runs our software, Digital Keys apps, API's, and routes commands/data over the global 5G IoT network. With AWS, you can connect your assets anywhere in the world through the most secure, reliable, and extensive cloud infrastructure. Boasting over 200 fully-featured services, AWS operates data centers globally, and provides access to scalable compute, storage, and other resources across more than 40 countries. 

5G IoT technology offers the most secure access control 

Take advantage of in-built mobile network security and encryption features as you can communicate with our smartlocks over mobile networks from anywhere in the world. Unlike some types of connectivity, 5G IoT networks (NB-IoT and LTE-M) are expertly managed and secured by mobile network operators. Connect to the internet with complete confidence.

Software Engineers looking at Digital Keys Asset Management Software

How our customers are solving access control with 5G IoT smartlocks

Solutions like Digital Keys smartlocks highlight the multiple options offered by our 5G IoT network, and open up a new world of possibilities for IoT.

Daniel Barallat, IoT Manager, Vodafone

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