NB IoT smart access

for hospitality

Helping hospitality become smart and secure. NB IoT Smart Access control improves the safety, and security of accommodation facilities, streamlines management, and can lead to guests returning. 

Smart security for smart hotels

NB IoT smart access does everything a typical hotel keycard system does, plus it offers the guests the opportunity to self check-in to their accommodation with digital keys on smartphones

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NB IoT meets all the challenges for hospitality.

Keycard system + smartphone digital keys system

NB IoT smart access means you can get a combined keycard system with a smartphone digital key system all in one, and at a much cheaper cost than typical keycard systems as there is no onsite infrastructure

Streamline hotel management and integrate with our API's

Integrate your Property Management System, your Channel Manager and website booking engine with our system for better hotel management. Key management can become a breeze.

Make your guests happy and get them coming back

Guests want to be able to choose the option to self check-in on their smartphones, especially millenials. Also say goodbye to lockouts, and think of all the good will you will build up. 

Security you can trust

When you buy our security products, you are also buying from your local telecommunications company as they certify our product as secure and sound to work on their proven secure network. If you can trust your local telco with your mobile phones and broadband, you can trust them with your physical security and NB IoT smart access.

Mobile network security

NB IoT is part of the mobile network, fully managed with standardized security to guarantee the credential and integrity of all data running through it

3GPP Security Protocols

NB IoT has passed security protocols as outlined by 3GPP, the organisation responsible for managing the mobile network

HTTP military encryption

All communications are running on HTTPs military grade 128 bit encryption between all the vertical applications including software and hardware

IPSEC security layer

Between the telco's mobile network, and the IoT device management platform a layer of Internet Protocol Security (IPSEC) is provided.  

Chipset Security

The NB IoT module chipset included in our NB IoT smart locks applies 2048 bit RSA encryption

VPN Security

The Telecommunication company provides a dedicated VPN for further security and reliability.

Speed up group check-in

Check-in large tourist groups, conference delegates, sporting groups etc, in seconds by granting digital keys to hundreds in the click of one button. You can also operate your hotel remotely without the need to staff an onsite reception desk. And think of all the money you'll save by not having to pay locksmiths to come out and change the keys all the time.

Bring bookings back

Are you sick and tired of paying hefty commissions to the Online Travel Agencies for bookings. Bring the bookings back to you with a new hotel guest loyalty app which also acts as your own booking channel.

Get a competitive advantage

Make your establishment stand out from the others by offering a 24 hour automated virtual self check-in desk, and enable your guests to check in at anytime on their smartphones with no fuss.

Prevent theft, get live audits

Protect against theft. Know what rooms staff and guests are going into at anytime with live audit notifications and record keeping of events in our digital keys management software - know who opened what door at what time and how it was opened, e.g with app, cards etc.

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