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5G IoT Smart Doorlock - Latch 1 

Introducing the 5G IoT Smart Doorlock - Latch 1, the pioneering connected smartlock equipped with an in-built SIM card, without Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, eliminating the need for any onsite equipment, network infrastructure, or onsite power source. 

5G IoT Smart Doorlock - Latch 1

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Meet our new smart doorlock with latch (no mortise) that is connected to the internet with an inbuilt 5G IoT SIM card, and 5 unlocking methods.


  • Works out of the box and does not require any onsite equipment, or onsite network infrastructure (no Wi-Fi), or onsite power

  • Packed with smart features such as unlocking with digital keys app, live tampering alarms/notifications, live event notifications, inbuilt GPS, API's

  • Also remote unlock from anywhere over mobile networks, and unlock with NFC keycards, NFC on phone, and time-sensitive PINs, comes with access management software

  • Rugged zinc alloy design for outdoor use 

  • 2 years battery life with included lithium thionyl chloride batteries

  • Easy install - can replace a knobset lock with drilling only one extra hole

  • Metal key over-ride  


Finish: Zinc alloy with weatherproof hardened plastic numberpad