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Accessive Software


Bring all your assets
& users under control 


Accessive™ is your remote-friendly cloud-based asset management tool where access control and big data analytics meet 


Manage and control your assets with powerful features

Standard Plan         Premium Plan         Enterprise Plan

The Accessive standard plan comes packed with features to propel your asset management forward.


Easily add users to the platform, so you can generate them digital keys in seconds and track them in the events table/notifications.

Unlimited users


Connects to the Global Mobile-IoT network in over 35 countries 'out of the box'. Simply take your smartlock out of the box and it connects.

In-built iSIM card


Your users can use the digital keys app for unlocking/event notifications after you generate them a digital key in the web app.

iOS, Android, and web apps


Know if someone is tampering with your smartlock by receiving a notification and email directly to your phone.

Unlimited tampering notifications


Remote unlock from software anytime with one click (no need to generate digital key). Cancel digital keys anytime. Get low power alerts.  View signal strength. Get temperature.

Lock controls/status


Make/share unlimited digital keys

Set the date and time you want to make a digital key for, and select the person you want to share it with, takes only seconds to make.


Unlock with digital keys app (network unlock, and NFC unlock), unlock in software (web app) unlock with NFC cards, unlock with PIN

5 unlocking methods


Comes with 3 NFC cards for permanent unlocking. You can also choose to unlock with NFC on NFC enabled phones.

NFC cards/NFC phones unlocking


Unlimited cloud storage/compute

Unlimited data usage - each unlock command and data extraction from lock such as who opened at what time uses data. Platform, software/apps hosting is at AWS in your country/region.

Get all these features and more

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So much more than just access control


Live event tracking

Its important for OH&S, insurance requirements etc, to always know where your employee's are at anytime.  You can see which door your users unlocked at what time in the events table. Get live notifications to your phone, so you know instantly if workers, family etc safely arrive on sites.

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Digital Keys

Use the software on your computer, tablet or mobile to create a time-sensitive digital key for any smartlock in seconds.  Choose the date/time you want the digital key to work for, and who (user) you want to receive it. Within a second, your users digital key will appear in their digital keys app. ​The users simply need to hold their phone up to the smartlocks reader to unlock the door.

Remote unlock

The account administrator can unlock any lock anywhere by simply clicking on the unlock button next to the listed smartlock. Great for users to get access who don't want to use the digital keys app. Users can simply call the administrator and ask to 'unlock'.  


One account for multiple sites


In-built GPS tracking

Find out how you can locate your smartlocks whether they be moving or not, or for locating first time by using the inbuilt Telit GNSS module chip.


Cloud-based hosted at AWS 

By collaborating with AWS to host our software on their public cloud it meets local data retention laws and regulations


Cellular connected

The transformative possibilities of 5G IoT networks (NB-IoT and LTE-M) is changing the way devices connect to the internet.


Live events and tampering alarm notifications

Accessive Software keeps you up to date automatically of all the happenings with your smartlock





See when your users arrive on your sites

Add unlimited users

Regulators and OH&S officers must now who is on what site at what time for safety and insurance reasons. Easily add users to Accessive software so you can track their movements

Add users in bulk

Upload a CSV file of all your regular staff/users to Accessive software and hit one button to generate a time sensitive digital key for everyone in an instant.


Designed for security and scale


Mobile Network Security

Our smartlocks, software and apps operate on 5G IoT which  is part of mobile networks with fully managed standardized security guaranteeing the integrity of all data running through it.

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AWS Cloud Security

Backed by Amazon’s massive infrastructure, get access to compute, auto-scaling tools, and secure storage resources. AWS provides a virtual secure cloud environment that loads the software in your local country to meet data privacy laws.

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Security and Compliance

We've invested in world class security tools and features to ensure all data is handles with care. See Privacy Policy here 

Rest easy with world class Mobile Network Security and encryption, and backed by Amazon Cloud.


Why Accessive is the #1 tool for managing 5G IoT smartlocks 

Trusted by organisations of all sizes, Accessive Software comes out-of-the-box with the features and best practices managers and teams need to manage and control access to their assets.

VIDEO Setting up your smartlock

VIDEO Create a timed digital key

VIDEO Remote control your smartlock

VIDEO Create a new user


Prices that scale for all asset sizes



per smartlock/month if billed annually ($6 billed monthly)

For small buildings/sites that need to manage access control for dozens of users on a regular basis.

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SIM card (in-built into smartlock)


Unlimited data on the Global Mobile-IoT Network (GMN) in 35 countries^^

Unlimited users

iOS and Android digital keys mobile apps 

Make unlimited digital keys

Digital Keys app unlock and software unlock, and PIN generation/unlock

3 NFC cards per lock


Unlimited cloud storage/cloud computing at AWS in your country/region

Unlimited activity log and alert notifications

Unlimited tampering alarm alert notifications 

2 factor authentication

Business hour support

^^Each unlock command and data extraction from lock such as who opened at what time uses data over the GMN.



per smartlock/month if billed annually ($9 billed monthly)

For large buildings/sites that need to manage access control for hundred of users on a regular basis.

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API (unlimited calls)


250 SMS txt pings to lock for instant GPS location (tracking)

Private VPN

Big Data Analytics tools 

1-click group digital key generation

Notification email editor

5 NFC cards per lock

Write time-sensitive digital key to NFC cards mobile app

Priority Support


Need more flexibility?

For enterprises with global scale, security, and governance need.

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Organisations private cloud hosting


Integrations to organisations choice of MNO for SIM's/connectivity

Software and mobile app re-designed /customised to meet organisation needs

24/7 enterprise support

See how Accessive Software can transform how you manage your assets