NB IoT Smart Access

for Education

Helping to build today's smart, safe classrooms. NB IoT Smart Access control improves the safety and security of students, staff and visitors.


NB IoT meets all the modern challenges for modern classrooms

Get email alerts when students enter classrooms/labs

Staff know when a student has arrived and entered a classroom or lab, by getting instant emails when a lock has been unlocked.

Remote unlock classrooms/labs from anywhere anytime

Security, HR, or any staff can unlock a door from inside the Digital Keys management software in an instant and let anyone in they want to.

Audits available anytime to see student movements/truancy

Download the events for every lock after one month, one semester, one year, so you know when a student has attended class.

Full control of access

Distinguish access not just by physical location but also by duration, easily managing access for short-term guests (e.g conference attendees), contract and temporary workers, as well as staff and students

Easily integrates 

Our digital keys management software can be integrated into your existing legacy systems/software with our API's. Our product also works just like a typical keycard system. We can also add NFC stickers to existing ID cards, to integrate with an already installed keycard system.

Meet state regulations

Government guidelines often state that schools should provide a safer environment for children as best practice. Guidelines say that schools should give high priority to getting their safeguarding procedures right, including securing the perimeter of the school to ensure that it isn’t open for anyone to enter.

Security you can trust

When you buy our security products, you are also buying from your local telecommunications company as they certify our product as secure and effective to work on their proven secure network. If you can trust your local telco with your mobile phones and broadband, you can trust them with your physical security.

Mobile network security

NB IoT is part of the mobile network, fully managed with standardized security to guarantee the credential and integrity of all data running through it

HTTP military encryption

All communications are running on HTTPs military grade 128 bit encryption between all the vertical applications including software and hardware

Chipset Security

The NB IoT module chipset included in our NB IoT smart locks applies 2048 bit RSA encryption

3GPP Security Protocols

NB IoT has passed security protocols as outlined by 3GPP, the organisation responsible for managing the mobile network

IPSEC security layer

Between the telco's mobile network, and the IoT device management platform a layer of Internet Protocol Security (IPSEC) is provided.  

VPN Security

The Telecommunication company provides a dedicated VPN for further security and reliability.

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