Increase security and safety on campus

Integrates with your existing legacy systems 

NB-IoT smart access features

Time controlled access

Give students and staff access to the rooms they need access to only for specific dates and times. 

Remote unlocking

Remote unlock from anywhere inside our access management software by clicking one button.

Improve visitor management

Easily manage access for short-term guests, contractors and temporary workers, as well as staff and students.

Works with legacy systems

Our access management software can be integrated into your existing legacy software/keycard systems with our API's

Useful tools for education facilities

Digital Keys App

Stay connected on the go, and unlock any door in an instant from your phone. You can also use the app to write to NFC keycards and use like typical keycard system

Smartlock Dashboard

Control all your locks from the dashboard. See live who is opening the door at what time with notifications to your phone anytime 

QR code request access

Students simply need to scan the QR code on the classroom doors to send a request for access to the account administrator.

Get more out of NB-IoT Smart Access with these features

NB-IoT/LTE Module

U-Blox SARA Series 4  supports NB-IoT, LTE-M,LTE, CAT-M, and 2G/3G fallback 

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Anti-tampering Alarm

Motion sensor detects any unusual movement or force and immediately texts owner

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Event Notifications

Live event notifications can be sent to anyone, so you always knows who opens lock at what time.

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iSIM Card

Embedded or with holder. Provided by MNO with integrations to SIM provisioning platform

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Over the Air Updates

Updates and remote configurations can be carried out over the air, including SMS wake-up.

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NB-IoT Certified

Meets 3GPP release 13 and 14 for NB-IoT devices already completed certification testing.

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Management Software

Customer facing access management software packed with great features

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Supports Mobile App

Time-sensitive digital keys unlocking over NB-IoT network. App also shows live events + more

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Data Plan included 

Get 30MB pre-paid data plan included in all our smartlocks (lasts approx 2-5 years)

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