Smart access solutions for education facilities

Get in full control of all of your buildings, rooms and assets with connected access control.


Get in control of your buildings and classrooms

Digital Keys 5G IoT smartlocks redefines how security and control is delivered. 


No Wi-Fi or equipment

Smartlocks have in-built iSIM cards and connect to the internet over global 5G IoT network


Easy to use

Easily connect multiple doors at many different sites with the one software management account


No mains power

For the first time ever, you can get connected access without having onsite power.



Digital keys unlocking

​Students can use the digital keys app to unlock any classroom for any date and time period, after authorisation by account administrators. 


Remote control anywhere

Account administrators can use our cloud-based access management software from any location to unlock any smartlock at anytime by hitting one button in the software.

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Mobile Network Operator trust and security

Unlike some forms of connectivity, 5G IoT networks (NB-IoT, LTE-M) are carefully managed and secured by mobile network operators. As such, the growing usage of 5G IoT helps counter security threats.

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Unlock with the Digital Keys app

DigitalKeys 5G IoT smartlocks redefines how security and control is delivered. 


5G IoT connected system

Use the digital keys app to unlock your doors. After an account administrator generates a time-sensitive digital key in the smart access management software, the digital key will appear in the users digital wallet as a new digital key. The user simply holds their phone up to the lock to unlock your smartlock (works with NFC and over NB-IoT network). You can also locate your smartlocks with GPS and more.

Digital Key requests

Students can make digital key requests in the digital keys app to the account administrator.


Write to keycards

You can also use the Digital Keys app to write to NFC Mifare keycards and tokens such as stickers which can then be stuck on existing keycards.

Companies of all shapes and sizes use Digital Keys

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Our customers are transforming their business with Smart Access

SAG Lock manufacturers bring their locks into the 21st century with Digital Keys.

"Together with Digital Keys we have managed to further refine our successful locking system SAFE-O-TRONIC access in order to offer customers in the education, hotel, and recreation sector a unique locking system

Joaquin Borge-Sanchez

Head of Business Unit, SAG

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