Smart access for Education

Get in full control of all your buildings, rooms and assets with connected access control with 4 different opening methods.

Digital keys unlocking

Students can use the digital keys app to unlock any classroom for any date and time period, after being authorised by account administrators.

  • Digital key immediately appears in the students app as unlock button after account administrator generates.

  • Students can make digital key requests in the digital keys app to the account administrator who receive an email and can approve/disapprove with one click.

  • You can also use the Digital Keys app to write to NFC Mifare keycards - our smartlocks are fitted with NFC Mifare chips so you can use them like a typical keycard system  - great for integrating into your existing access control solution.

Cloud-based management software

Colleges and Universities need to manage access for visitors, staff, students, contractors for safety and security. Account administrators can use our cloud-based access management software to:

  • Unlock any smartlock anywhere at anytime by hitting one button (no need to get users to download app)

  • View door activity anytime for any student (who opened which door at which time with which method (NFC, app etc).

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Easy install on any door

Universities typically have heritage listed buildings making access control installations difficult or impossible because of all the wiring and onsite equipment. Digital Keys NB-IoT smartlocks have;

  • No external wiring, or any onsite power or equipment whatsoever.

  • 5 years battery life based on 5 activations a day.

Get more out of NB-IoT Smart Access 


NB-IoT/LTE-M Module

Telit 310g module supports NB-IoT, LTE-M,LTE, CAT-M, and 2G/3G fallback 


Anti-tampering alarm

Telit 310g module supports NB-IoT, LTE-M,LTE, CAT-M, and 2G/3G fallback 


Event notifications

Live event notifications can be sent to anyone, so you always knows who opens lock at what time.

iSIM card

Embedded or with holder. Provided by MNO with integrations to SIM provisioning platform


Over the air updates

Updates and remote configurations can be carried out over the air, including SMS wake-up


NB-IoT Certified

Meets 3GPP release 13 and 14 for NB-IoT devices already completed certification testing.


Access Management Software

Cloud-based access management software packed with great features


Supports mobile app

Unlock with the digital keys app for any date and time period. Also write to NFC cards.


Data plan included

Get 30MB pre-paid data plan included in all our smartlocks (lasts approx 2-5 years)

API's to integrate to your own software/apps

Use our API's to add all the features from the NB-IoT access management software and digital keys apps to your own existing software/apps. With our API's you can the following features; 

  • Create digital keys with a booking engine; NB-IoT unlock; NFC unlock; Write to NFC cards; View event history

  • User and user group management (assign different rights to different groups); generate PIN ; QR registration/ unlock; View lock status (battery and signal strength)

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Featured Customer

Headquarted in Velbert Germany, Schulte Schlagbaum AG (SAG) have been a lock manufacturer for over 180 years. In more recent times they have focused their production and service provision activities on highly developed components, systems and solutions for the locking and organisation of buildings.


Schulte Schlagbaum AG Lock manufacturers smartlock SDK project

TaskSAG has many existing hotel customers throughout Europe and they had been asking for a mobile self-check-in app with digital keys.

Solution - SAG and Digital Keys worked together to develop a new function "Online-Check-In" - a web-based solution and digital keys app with a combination of technologies including NFC, cloud computing, smartphone apps and One Time Password technology (commonly used in banks for multi-factor authentications)


Benefit - Within the first 2 months of releasing the product into the market the new locks with digital keys apps sold over 3000 units to hotels and motels mostly across Germany and the Netherlands. The product also found market fit for use in municipal swimming pools and gyms. 

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Together with Digital Keys we have managed to further refine our successful locking system SAFE-O-TRONIC access in order to offer customers in the hotel sector a unique locking system.


Joaquin Borge-Sanchez

Head of SAG Business Unit


Schulte - Schlagbaum AG

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