Easily manage all your NB IoT Smartlocks

Manage multiple smartlocks

Your smartlocks are listed, so you can easily choose them and control them as required. Great for managing multiple locks from 1 to thousands.

Interact with your smartlock

You can view every smartlocks features and interact with it. Hit the unlock button for immediate unlocking or create time sensitive digital keys for yourself or friends and family

View history

See who opened your smarlock at what time in real time. Great for tracking and tracing and knowing when loved ones get home. 

Write to NFC cards/NFC tokens

Simply by holding our NFC keycards and NFC tokens up to the back of an Android NFC phone (5.0 and above) with you can write your digital key to the cards/tokens, and then use our locks like a typical keycard system used in hotels and office. See list of compatible NFC HCE phones here.

Create timed digital keys

Create timed digital keys

Select the dates and times you want your digital keys to work for. You can create one-time digital keys, permanent digital keys and re-occuring digital keys too

See history of digital keys

Everytime you create a new digital key a record of it is added to the systems. There is no limit to how many digital keys you can create for any lock for any time

Multiple unlocking methods

Unlock over the NB-IoT network, unlock with a time-sensitive or permanent PIN, or unlock with NFC on NFC phones (NB-IoT network used once to program NFC)

Make Digital Keys requests

The digital keys request feature in the app is designed for end-users to choose the date and time and specific lock that they want access for, and to submit this request to the account administrator/ account owner. The end-users can be anyone such as electricians, plumbers, volunteers, staff etc requiring temporary access to a site. 

With Digital Keys you are always in control

Add new users

Easily add new users that can interact with your locks and/or receive digital keys. You can add as many users as possible and delete them at anytime too.

Add properties

With GPS tracking in built, you can find your smartlocks from a map, or give them specific details, so you can easily search for them when needed.

User Profiles

You can give certain access rights to certain users. Let them unlock one door, but not another. Give them a time sensitive digital key for any door and see all their activities live in real time.