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Stay connected to your assets wherever, whenever with whoever you choose


Easily manage multiple smartlocks all in the one app

All your smartlocks are listed in a wallet style, so you can easily choose them and control them as required. Great for managing multiple locks from one to thousands.


Multiple unlocking methods for every application

Unlock over the NB-IoT network, unlock with a time-sensitive or permanent PIN, or unlock with NFC on NFC phones (NB-IoT network used once to program NFC)


Create timed digital keys for workers, contractors, family

Select the dates and times you want your digital keys to work for. You can create one-time digital keys, permanent digital keys and re-occuring digital keys too

See how digital keys app works

Watch the video on how to use the Digital Keys mobile app to monitor and manage your assets. Learn how to take control of your environment from the convenience of your phone.

Digital Keys mobile app FAQs

How do I sign in to the Digital Keys app?

To use the digital keys apps you need to be an account administrator/smartlock owner or be invited by an account administrator/smartlock owner and added to their account to recieve digital keys.

Which versions of iOS and Android does the Digital Keys app support?

The Digital Keys app supports iOS 11.0 and later and Android 6.0 and later.

Where can I download the Digital Keys app?

Download and install the Digital Keys app for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Does the Digital Keys app support tablets?

The app is optimised for iOS and Android smartphones but works on tablets as well.

How can I sign up for a Smart Access account so I can start using the mobile app?

Create a free Smart access account by clicking here. Use your same email address and password when logging into the Digital Keys app

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