Digital Keys Apps

Download the Universal Digital Keys app to unlock any NB IoT smart lock. The Digital Keys Apps are available now in the Google Play and App store. 


New Digital Keys App launching soon at Kickstarter


Simple one button unlocking

Unlock your NB IoT smart locks by touching one button

Low Latency


All the locks you have been granted access to are listed in the app, and all you have to do is touch the unlock button, and the locks unlocks in 1-3 seconds. You can make the time-sensitive digital keys in our software, or make digital key requests - see below.

Power saving sleep mode 


Touch the NB IoT button on the lock to wake it up, and accept the unlock command from the app over the NB IoT network to grant you access. The lock only wakes up to a few seconds each time and then goes back to sleep to conserve batteries.

Make digital key requests

Request access from your account administrator

Choose date and time


Select the date and time that you want to access a particular NB IoT smart lock, and your account administrator will immediately receive an email asking them to respond to your request for a digital key.

Choose smart lock 


Choose from a list of the locks which your account administrator has authorised for you. Your account administrator only has to hit one approve button in their email if they want to approve your access - so easy! 

Make NFC cards/tokens

Use your NB IoT smart lock just like a typical keycard system

Write directly to cards/tokens


Simply by holding our NFC keycards and NFC tokens up to the back of an Android NFC phone (5.0 and above) with NFC HCE you can write your digital key to the cards/tokens, and then use our locks like a typical keycard system used in hotels and office.

See list of NFC HCE phones here

Cant be copied 


Once the digital key is copied to the card/token, a duplicate can't be made, so that you are in total control of who has the keys and for how long. The cards can be re-programmed 100,000 times and are so cheap (30-40 cents each).


Our customers have integrated our app features into their own apps with our API's