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Why Digital Keys

Asset management digital transformation is more than “replacing” old metal key locks for cost saving and convenience. True transformation spans the entire business and enables every person to transform. We deeply understand today's technology requirements for access control and the need to continuously innovate. That's why organizations build their asset transformation and solve their biggest challenges with Digital Keys 5G IoT smart access.

No onsite equipment/infrastucture 

With 5G IoT technology, you can now enjoy internet-connected timed access control on outdoor sites, or anywhere, without the need for any onsite equipment or network infrastructure. Our smart locks are equipped with in-built SIM cards, which allow us to connect to the internet via cellular networks in 40 countries. This means that you can have reliable and secure access control 'out of the box', without the need for any complicated installations.


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Digital Keys connecting to a safer world

Secure your assets with the most trusted security

5G IoT is part of mobile networks with fully managed and standardized security features

Mobile network security and encryption

5G IoT is part of mobile networks with fully managed standardized security guaranteeing the integrity of all data running through it. 5G IoT has passed strict security protocols by 3GPP/GMSA the organisations responsible for managing mobile networks globally. Between the telco's mobile network, and the IoT device management platform, a layer of Internet Protocol Security (IPSEC) and all communications on all levels are running on HTTPs military grade 256 bit encryption.

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Digital Keys partners

Long battery life

digital keys works out of the box
Digital Keys security

World class partners

Our local-country-hosted IoT platform complies with data laws and privacy regulations - it is powered by AWS, a trusted global cloud hosting provider, backed by Amazon's global resources, and it ensures secure and reliable services. Our 5G IoT smartlocks come with a SIM card from a Virtual Mobile Network Operator, enabling seamless operation in 40 countries. The smartlocks feature modules from a leading California-based IoT company specializing in Aerospace, Defense, Security & Digital Identity.

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digital keys battery life

Works 'out of the box'

Wi-Fi smart locks pose challenges with complex setups, incompatibility, untimely activations, and difficult controls. Connecting to Wi-Fi networks, smartphone apps, and integrating with other devices becomes a struggle for consumers. Unreliable network connectivity caused by weak signals requires additional equipment and leads to disruptions. In contrast, 5G IoT devices offer a simpler process—just unbox, power on, and it automatically registers to the local 5G IoT network. 

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Unlock your security and connected access control requirements

Control your assets remotely from anywhere, anytime for anyone with digital keys and cloud-based asset management software. Or use our API's to integrate to your own software and apps.


"The introduction of 5G IoT smart access revolutionizes access control for small to medium enterprises, unlocking countless new applications that were once unimaginable for these companies. It also offers better security, better reliability and better convenience over any other access control systems."

David Lozano, IoT Manager, Vodafone

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