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Customer Story - Top Digital Group

Bringing 5G IoT smart access to Spain offices and retail stores with Top Digital Group

Headquartered in Malaga, Spain, TOPdigital Group develops a multitude of activities in various sectors from telecommunications and software development to retailing and the distribution of household appliances and electronics to 40 stores in Spain.

With many of TOPdigital’s customers being large enterprises, purchasing mobile phones, electronics, and security equipment from them, a demand had been emerging for an end-to-end connected smart access control solution that could also be bundled with their existing electronic and security product range. TOPdigital choose Digital Keys NB-IoT smart access control to meet their customer demands.


"We are confident that the DIGITALKEYS NB IoT access control solution is the right fit for offices, retail stores and hotels in Spain", said Manuel Illanes, CTO TOPdigital Group.


TOPdigital had researched other smart access options available in the marketplace including Wi-Fi/BLE solutions, but these were deemed unsuitable due to short battery life and many customers did not have the necassary Wi-Fi mesh systems on site.

"Some of our existing customers are Fortune500 companies, so we had to offer a solution we knew would meet their strict security and data retention requirements" said Manual Illanes CTO, TOPdigital Group

Digital Keys smart doorlock
Digital Keys at MWC

Measuring early product market fit with trials


Following successful trials in the TOPdigital offices in Malaga Spain, new access management software and apps were built specifically for Spanish shops, offices, banks and hotels (in the Spanish language too). Digital Keys supplied the API’s, the smartlocks and the technical support to develop the product in cooperation with software developers from TOPdigital.

"NB-IoT smart access is a game changer for small to medium enterprises in Spain to control access to their premises", said Mr Illanes.


The smartlocks were connected to the Vodafone Spain NB-IoT network and hosted at the TOPdigital onsite linux servers. It was important for the system to be hosted locally, as large customers based in Spain could not have the system's data leaving the country due to EU General Data Protection regulations.

"By offering our customers and industry partners a solution hosted in Spain with access management software designed for Spanish commercial customers, it opened many doors", said Mr Illanes.

Digital Keys


Digital Keys API's and integration guides make it easy for any company anywhere to add all the features of the NB-IoT smart access system to the companies own software and apps and for local private cloud hosting too.

TOPdigital wants to be able to continue to develop new hardware and software solutions in the future for new applications and use cases, with the support of Digital Keys.

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