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Connect with the most secure and reliable tech

Our smartlocks connect to the internet with in-built SIM cards that connect to the global 5G IoT network.

Technology designed for IoT devices


Fully standardized

5G IoT is part of mobile networks with fully managed, standardized systems guaranteeing the integrity of all data running through it.


5G IoT devices can be standalone and do not require any supporting equipment or infrastructure. Everything is in the cloud.

No onsite equipment


Billions of IoT devices from smart lights, to smart meters and smart locks can connect to the internet on global 5G IoT networks

Massive scalability


5G IoT has passed security protocols by 3GPP/GMSA the organisations responsible for managing mobile networks globally.

Advanced security


Signals extend 20% beyond normal mobile phone coverage, and it also extends underground and deep within buildings

Stronger coverage


Dedicated spectrum bands have been set for 5G IoT networks to avoid interferences and for low latency, which means better reliability

Dedicated spectrum 


Devices can run on batteries for up to 5 years as they can remain in a deep sleep mode and woken up only when required

Power efficiency


Whilst Wi-Fi has been designed mostly for steaming video and sharing large files, 5G IoT is designed for low data transfers.

Designed for low data


Utilises mobile network security/ features built-in from the ground up, not just bolted on, so we can operate a high-security IoT service, ensuring full confidentiality and privacy.

Designed for devices

Our smartlocks with iSIM cards work out of the box on 5G IoT networks in 35 countries

See coverage map here

The time to connect your devices is now

142 MNO's

Mobile Network Operators (MNO) have been rolling out 5G IoT networks on top of their existing mobile networks all over the world

85 countries

Countries have had nationwide 5G IoT network rollouts in the last two years, check if your country is covered here.

100M+ connected

Devices such as smart meters (electricity, gas water) smart lighting, smart trackers, and so on have been rolling out globally

20% beyond

Reaching 20% beyond mobile network coverage. 5G IoT coverage extends deep underground and high in skyscapers.


Addressing a global market with a global connected solution

Get insights from GSMA about how the mobile industry is now establishing 5G IoT technologies (NB-IoT, LTE-M) as the global coverage solution often referred to as the Global Mobile-IoT Network or GMN

5G IoT is connecting billions of things in many industries everywhere

Today, about 6.5 billion ‘things’ are connected to the internet. Yet, we are still only connecting less than 1% of what could be connected. 5G IoT is rapidly changing this.


Mobile Operators with 5G IoT networks

Ericsson-Logo (1).png

Mobile operators investing in an ever expanding ecosystem

Explore the community of leading Mobile Network Operators building the Global Mobile-IoT Network around the world and offering 5G IoT connectivity services. With a combined footprint covering over 85 countries, over 140 MNO's  are addressing the global connectivity needs for smart devices. Thanks to roaming agreements our smartlocks work on 35 MNO's networks around the world.

Documentation, training and resources

Getting Started

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Faster, more secure and more reliable.

Mobile Network Operator trust and security

Unlike some forms of connectivity, 5G IoT networks (NB-IoT, LTE-M) are carefully managed and secured by mobile network operators. As such, the growing usage of 5G IoT helps counter security threats.

Learn more about security


See what else 5G IoT tech enables 


Ready to get started or just have questions?

Let us know what you would like to discuss and we’ll be in touch shortly. For additional enterprise materials like whitepapers or documentations, visit our Resources page. 

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