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About Digital Keys

At Digital Keys, we revolutionize the way people, businesses, and assets interact with one another through cutting-edge IoT technology solutions, innovative communications, and advanced data analytics.

Our story

In the early 2000s, one of our co-founders, Steve Dunn, worked as an Asset Manager in two Australian local governments. He was responsible for managing numerous metal keys for community centres, art galleries, public toilets, libraries, sporting clubs, and other assets. However, Steve found managing all these metal keys for temporary access for staff, contractors, volunteers, and community members to be an ongoing nightmare. Lost keys were common, and a lot of time was wasted chasing people down to retrieve the keys. Furthermore, Steve never knew how many unauthorized keys were in circulation in the community, and theft and vandalism were frequent occurrences as metal keys could be copied for a few dollars in a matter of minutes at the local hardware store.

Steve asked himself, "There has to be a better way to manage ongoing key distribution for hundreds of people to hundreds of assets," and with that vision, Digital Keys was founded.

Today, Digital Keys provides complete end-to-end connected 5G IoT smart access control solutions for managing all types of assets. For the first time ever, connected access control can be provided without onsite equipment, onsite network infrastructure, or onsite power, meaning that the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Vision and Mission



Our vision is to create a safer and more connected physical world by empowering individuals, businesses, and organizations with greater control over their assets. Our goal is to enhance their ability to safeguard their assets, thereby fostering a more secure and protected environment.



At the heart of our mission lies the goal of empowering enterprises to enhance the security and management of their assets. To achieve this objective, we aim to replace traditional metal key locks with innovative digital key smart locks, providing our clients with cutting-edge security solutions.


How we operate

Our operational framework is grounded in our core mission of replacing traditional metal keys with digital keys. This objective drives our stance on policy issues that impact our customers, employees, and business.

Careers with Digital Keys

We offer a range of careers in IT, IoT, sales and marketing. Explore what we have to offer in your area of expertise and in your location. 


Connecting to a safer world

We strive to create a safer world by partnering with top Mobile Network Operators and cloud providers, leveraging the combined strength of these global leaders to provide the most secure and advanced smartlock products to our customers.














Digital Keys founded as 'LEAPIN Digital Keys'


Ohio State University Accelerator completed


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