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DigitalKeys is a leader in cellular connected smartlocks

Our mission is to help enterprises improve the security and management of their assets by replacing their metal key locks with digital keys smartlocks. 

DigitalKeys Pty Ltd is a leading IoT security company, offering a range of smart access products and services for companies, homes, businesses, and institutions of all shapes and sizes. Our 5G IoT smartlock solutions offer better security, better battery life, better reliability and better affordability over Wi-FI/BLE rivals without the need for any onsite equipment.

Who we are

We deliver the promise of a connected and secure physical world by enhancing the ability of humans, businesses and organisations to be safer with better controls over their assets.

What we do

We transform how people, businesses and assets connect with each other through innovative communications and IoT technology solutions.

How we operate

Our core purpose of replacing metal keys with digital keys guides the positions we take when it comes to policy issues relevant to our customers, our employees and our business.

Careers area

We offer a range of careers in IT, IoT, sales and marketing. Explore what we have to offer in your area of expertise and in your location. 


We are committed to making the world a safer place

Digital Keys has collaborated with Ericsson (IoT network integrations) and AWS (platform hosting) so it can have the full power of the world's IoT leaders behind us to deliver the best and most secure smartlock products to you.

DigitalKeys blog

Read the latest trends and updates in the physical security, the smartlock industry and the world of 5G IoT which connects our smartlocks all over the world.

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Our company HQ is in Adelaide, South Australia with offices in the Netherlands and Columbus, Ohio.

Product responsibility

We make products and services that are safe, sustainable and improve customer's lives.

Digital Keys is proud to partner with investors who believe in our mission, and support us in securing the world of connected 5G IoT smartlocks.