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Our vision is to replace metal keys with digital keys so companies and individuals can better manage their assets with the best security, connectivity and efficiency.

We are Digitalkeys

It took DIGITALKEYS LTD over four years of painstaking research to invent, design and develop NB-IoT smart access. Starting in 2017, in the Vodafone NB-IoT lab in their HQ in the UK, Digitalkeys end-to-end cellular-connected access control system has since been recognised by independent cyber security experts, and many mobile operators around the world as meeting the highest possible standards in data privacy, security and IoT device certifications.

In today's connected world, building owners, Executive Managers, Mid-level managers, ground engineers, technicians and contractors need a low risk but highly visible connected security system to manage their assets. Managing assets with metal keys, a technology that is over 2000 years, is just not going to cut it.

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We deliver security for a connected world

Digitalkeys is a leading IoT security company, offering a range of smart access products and services for companies, homes, businesses, and institutions of all shapes and sizes. Our NB-IoT smartlock solutions offer better security, better battery life, better reliability and better affordability over Wi-FI/BLE rivals.

Today, we’re living in a world where there are more IoT connected devices than humans. These IoT connected devices communicate via networks and cloud-based platforms - physical security demands access to the most secure and most reliable networks and platforms, and that is why Digitalkeys has collaborated with Ericsson (IoT network) and AWS (platform) so it can have the full power of the world's IoT leaders behind us to deliver the best products to you.


We don't like metal keys, do you?

With metal keys you can't capture access data for analytics; you don't know when your staff arrive on site; you don't know if doors are locked; the paperwork for managing hundreds to thousands of assets is overwhelming and time consuming; its expensive (everytime a key is lost or stolen is costs around $200 for a locksmith to come out and change your locks); there is higher insurance premiums; the time wasted in driving all over town to drop off and pick up metal keys is ridiculous; there can be serious damage to the company's reputation from inadequate security, and the problems list goes on and on.

Wi-Fi systems are not that much better than metal keys - they require alot of onsite equipment, infrastructure and mesh networks; they require onsite power; they have been hacked (Wi-Fi tech is over 25 years old); and they have short battery life. NB-IoT smart access solves the problems of current access control solutions. Are you ready to join the connected world?

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