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Our Mission

To disrupt the way companies and buildings secure access to their assets, from using metal keys to using digital keys so they can become more efficient, save money and time and improve management of security, data, and human factor related behavioural risks. 

Our Story

In the 2000’s, CEO Steve Dunn, an Asset Manager in Local Government, was constantly overwhelmed with the management of access to council’s assets such as community centres, sporting stadiums, libraries. Being in charge of distributing metal keys to the staff, volunteers, contractors, and community groups to access council properties was time-consuming, expensive and an ongoing security nightmare. It was impossible to know who held a metal key at anytime (keys can be cut for a few dollars in a few minutes at hardware stores), and who was letting themselves in at any time.  

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15th October 2015

A groundbreaking smartlock system


The Journey So Far







Steve Dunn founds company in Australia as LEAPIN Ltd to address lack of adequate access control systems in marketplace after working as asset manager in local government

Whilst completing his MBA part time, Steve wins his Universities Annual Business Plan Competition and assembles team 

FIRST DIGITAL KEYS APP launched and trials in Gold Coast Resort begins

RECEIVED Commercialisation Australia R&D Government Grant 

Team raises its seed round from Innovyz and completes accelerator (AUS)

FIRST WEB CHECK-IN SYSTEM for hotels launched 

Team raises round from 10X and completes 2nd accelerator (USA) and sets up US office

FIRST SALES of web-check-in system to hotels and resorts in AUS

FIRST SMARTLOCK SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KIT launched in partnership with German lock manufacturer

Receives R&D grant from European Commission 

Completes feasibility project for new IoT smartlock

PARTNERED WITH VODAFONE to build complete end-to-end NB-IoT SMART LOCK in their UK NB-IoT lab 

Team raises investment round from H-Farm and completes 3rd accelerator (Italy)

Completes certification and first trials of NB-IoT smartlock
































Complete end-to-end NB IOT SMART LOCK LDK100 launched at Mobile World Congress

Completed trials in banks, offices, universities, hotels

FIRST orders from customers in EU for NB IoT smart locks

NB IOT SMART LOCK LDK400 launched and sales in EU begin

Company completes REBRANDING from LEAPIN/LEAPIN Digital Keys to Digital Keys


Our Amazing Investors

Innovyz is a South Australian based firm that helps universities, research centres, existing companies, and corporate spinouts build and grow companies, to bring their innovations, research, and ideas to market.

One Fund is a Columbus, Ohio based investment firm providing funds that fit its clients’ investment goals covering the areas of IoT, SaaS, financial services, and more. 

H-Farm is a publicly listed Italian Company and Innovation Hub in 5 locations in Italy and Spain that combines investments, business consulting and digitally-driven educational programs.

Greg Siegele

Co-founder/CEO for 12 years of Ratbag Games (a video game developer that sold over 2M games, acquired by Midway in 2005).Curently co-founder and executive director at YourDC, South Australia’s only world class data centre.

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