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Launched in 2011, Digital Keys is a smart security company with a mission to empower companies and individuals to replace their metal keys with digital key systems so they can become more efficient, save money and time and improve management of security, data, and human factor related behavioural risks.


Our Mission

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Our story

In the early 2000's, co-founder Steve Dunn, an Asset Manager in Local Government was constantly overwhelmed with the management of access to assets such as community centres, sporting stadiums, libraries...

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Our values

We are always aiming for the most simple, secure and pragmatic solution to any problem. We set ambitious goals, we prioritise, hustle, and execute them, and celebrate the successes. 

Our investors

Our company has received investment funding from H-Farm (Italy), the Columbus One Fund (Ohio), and Innovyz (SA). We have also received R&D funding from the European Commission and Commercialisation Australia

Our vision

We want to digitize the security and control of assets across the globe. Together we will create a connected society in which people can safely and securely manage their assets as efficiently and successfully as possible with piece of mind.


Adelaide, South Australia

Heteren, the Netherlands

Columbus, Ohio

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