Get in control  of all your assets with NB-IoT

Get rid of metal keys and save time and money 

Timed access control anywhere

Getting a time-sensitive access control system can completely change the way you work. For the first time ever, you can have access control on your outdoor site, as there is no need for onsite equipment and onsite infrastructure. Our smart locks connect to the internet via the NB IoT network which exists on local mobile networks. 

Get more efficient management 

Imagine the time and money you will save by not having to manage metal keys for access to all your sites and assets. You can get instant email notifications for when people unlock doors/padlocks on sites.  Supporting hardware available for street cabinets and boxes. 

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One management account

For the first time ever, thanks to NB IoT, electronic access control can be offered to any site anywhere. In the past you needed to have onsite power, onsite equipment and onsite infrastructure for electronic access control systems. And you can also connect all your assets into one account and get in full control.

4 opening methods

You can be in any country and you can unlock your locks anywhere just by clicking one button in our lock management software and digital keys app. Latency is only around 1-3 seconds. Other opening methods include smartphone unlocking, time-sensitive PIN (no need to download app) and NFC unlocking (with NFC phones and NFC cards)

How to get started 

Integrate our NB-IoT smartlocks into your Cloud environment, or your choice of cloud server (e.g AWS, or Azure) with our integration guides and API's so that you are always in control.




Explore a sample

Request a sample padlock that will work out of the box in every country on local NB-IoT or on LTE-M/LTE networks 




Place an order

Place an order for our smart padlocks, and we will send you our integrations guides/API's and support cloud installation




Get Integration Support

We provide our support to help you integrate our smartlock system or into your cloud environment 




Start operating

Start controlling your smartlocks with your own digital keys app and your own access management software

Access control deserves the best security

Give your employees the security they need, backed by the encryption and high standards of mobile networks

Mobile Network Security

NB IoT is part of the 5G standards and operates on the telco's mobile networks globally. 

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Highest quality standards

Telco's have spent over 30 years and billions of dollars perfecting their network security and standards.

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Licenced IoT technology

Other IoT communication technologies are unlicensed, unregulated, uncontrolled and insecure.

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Unprecedented Encryption

Military grade 256 bit encryption is running on all vertical layers between the platforms, mobile networks and smartlocks

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Integrate to your own software, apps,cloud with our API's and guides

unlocking NB-IoT smart padlocks with digital keys

Digital Keys App and Access Management features

Add the following features to your own apps/software; create digital keys with a booking engine; NB-IoT unlock; NFC unlock; Write to NFC cards; View event history; User and user group management (assign different rights to different groups); generate PIN ; QR registration/ unlock; View lock status (battery and signal strength)

Integrate with our API's and integration guides

Do you have software, apps or hardware that you would like to interface to our NB IoT smart access system with our API? Maybe you have a booking engine, Customer Relationship Management Software, a Property Management System, or do you have your own IoT platform for managing other NB-IoT devices that you want to interface our applications to? Get in touch with us to learn more.

24/7 Support and Guidance with setup and beyond

We can partner with local system integrators in your country who you have SLA's with. We also offer 24 hr technical support and guidance to help you get set up just the way you want. We're here to support you at anytime during the lifespan of the locks (2-5 years warranty).We will also support you to get our smartlocks working with your choice of SIM, on any existing NB-IoT network or LTE-M network.

What our customers are saying 


"Digital Keys NB-IoT Smart Access is the right fit for our Offices in Spain, and we are confident it is the right fit also for hotels, apartments and securing other assets."

Manual Illanes; CTO, Top Digital Group

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"Solutions like Digital Keys with an intelligent lock, highlight the multiple applications offered by our NB-IoT network, which opens up a new world of possibilities for IoT projects"


Daniel Barallat: IoT Manager, Vodafone 



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