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Enhance the security of your critical infrastructure 

Our range of 5G IoT smartlocks are designed to work without any onsite equipment, providing you with a convenient and reliable way to control access to your assets.


Tampering alarms and notifications

Receive immediate notifications to your mobile device in the event of tampering or attempted break-ins. Our smart lock units are crafted with durable stainless steel casing and armored glass numberpads (IP67) to ensure their longevity. Equipped with built-in sensors, any abnormal movement or vibration triggers an alert, providing instant notification of any suspicious activity.

Connected access 'out of the box'

With 5G IoT technology, you can now enjoy internet-connected timed access control on outdoor sites, without the need for any onsite power or equipment. Our smart locks are equipped with in-built SIM cards, which allow us to connect to the internet via cellular networks in 40 countries. This means that you can have reliable and secure access control, without the need for any complicated installation or setup process.


Live event notifications

Receive email or phone alerts every time someone unlocks one of your smartlocks, and keep track of who is on which site at what times with our smart lock acting as a punch card/tracking system. This eliminates the need for managing metal keys and associated paperwork, saving you valuable time and money.

Streamline your asset management with smart access

Choose the smartlock that best fits your needs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your infrastructure is protected by advanced security technology.


2 years battery life

Know where your assets are, and their condition and battery life - and who is accessing them at any time.


5 opening methods

Unlock with the digital keys app, time sensitive PIN, NFC cards and phones and remotely in our cloud software


Reduce theft

Reduce theft and loss with inbuilt alarm and instant tampering notifications to your phone.

See how our customers are transforming their business with Smart Access


TopDigital Groups secures their retail shops with smart access 

"We are confident that the smart access control solution is the right fit for retail stores, offices and hotels in Spain" 
Manuel Illanes, CTO, TopDigital Group
Read the story 


Frequently asked questions

Mobile Network Operator Trust and Security

Unlike some forms of connectivity, 5G IoT networks (NB-IoT, LTE-M) are carefully managed and secured by mobile network operators. As such, the growing usage of 5G IoT helps counter security threats.  Learn more about security

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