Smart access solutions for critical infrastructure

Choose from a range of connected 5G IoT smartlocks with no onsite equipment suitable for your assets. 


Its time for a better approach to secure and control your assets

DigitalKeys 5G IoT smartlocks redefines how security and control is delivered. 5G IoT networks (NB-IoT, LTE-M) combined with our platform hosted at AWS IoT core provides a universally distributed, identity-centric networking and security system that ensures end users and devices—across all locations—are securely connected. 


2 years battery life

Know where your assets are, and their condition - and who is accessing them at what time.


5 opening methods

Obtain location and environmental data to help you address compliance and insurance requirements.


Reduce Theft

Reduce theft and loss with inbuilt alarm and instant tampering notifications to your phone.

In built security

Secure and reliable

Get an instant notifications to your phone if anyone tampers or attempts to break into the lock. Lock casing is made of strong stainless steel casing with armoured glass numberpad (IP67).


Cloud system

Timed access control

​For the first time ever you can get timed access control on outdoor sites with no onsite power, equipment or infrastructure. Smartlocks connect to the internet with 5G IoT.

In built security

Live events notifications

Get instant email/phone alerts everytime someone unlocks one of your locks. ​Imagine the time and money you'll save by not having to manage metal keys and associated paperwork.


Our customers are transforming their business with Smart Access


TopDigital Groups secures their retail shops with smart access 

"We are confident that the smart access control solution is the right fit for retail stores, offices and hotels in Spain" 

Manuel Illanes, CTO, TopDigital Group

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Connect securely with the 5G IoT Smart Padlock 

Gain vital control over your assets with our weatherproof (IP67)  connected 5G IoT smart padlock with live event notifications and live tampering alarms.


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Access control deserves the best security

NB-IoT has high standards

Mobile network technologies have developed to global standards

Network standards

NB-IoT is part of the 5G standards

5G IoT is part of the global mobile networks and is secure by design.

Mobile network security

NB-IoT gives great security and encryption

Licenced technology

5G IoT is the only licenced comms technology by GSMA/3GPP

Getting your assets under control

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Go beyond metal keys

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Smart access 
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