Smart access for offices

Get a typical keycard system plus a connected smartlock system all in the one package at a more affordable price than existing keycard systems

Meet Government compliances

Does your company have server rooms/computing suites/workplace requirements? We can help you;

  • Meet PCI compliance for credit card transactions (this requires specific access management requirements which NB-IoT smart access can deliver)

  • Meet OH&S requirements or insurance requirements for safety of employees such as knowing when they arrive on which site.

Improve your visitor management

You can improve your visitor management processes with NB-IoT smart access. Here's how;

  • Know which visitor is any room at anytime and how long they have been there.

  • Offer a visitor 'self check-in' process to speed up the process which you can monitor in our cloud based access management software.

Image by Proxyclick Visitor Management System

Share access with digital keys

Use our access management software to create time-sensitive digital keys in seconds for any user and any room, and email it straight to the user. Great for:

  • Shared meeting rooms, shared labs, shared common/lunch rooms

  • Giving your staff after hours access (and know when they arrive and leave) and also provide access for employees to offsite facilities that require irregular access, so you don't have to copy metal keys.

Like a typical keycard system plus so much more


Create Digital Key

You can program your smart lock once for time -sensitive keycard use over Global IoT network with Digital Keys app 


Write to NFC Mifare card

You can write to NFC cards/tokens with the Digital Keys app (works with phones with NFC/HCE)


Unlock with card

You can unlock lock locally everytime with your NFC Mifare card/NFC token (don't have to rely on going over network) 


Get live notifications

You get instant notifications, texts of who unlocked your specific lock at what time. This  is also stored for analytics.

Existing access control technologies have limitations

Time-sensitive access control

Set up costs

Costs per lock

Onsite Infrastructure

Battery Life

Online Solution*


Multiple locks use

NB IoT Systems



$250 - $350


2-5 years


2048 bit RSA encryption + 128 bit SSL encryption + DLTS + VPN + licenced network


RFID Keycard Systems


Approx $6000


Wiring, card encoder box, onsite PC/ software, controller box, programmer device 

Mains powered


Hacked; subject to man-in the middle attacks


Wi-Fi systems


Approx $300

Wi-Fi systems (routers, modems, bridges) 


Router, modem, ISP, cables, bridge, boosters, phone line

3-6 months


128 bit SSL encryption + congested, unstable, inscure network. Hacked


*Online solution includes smartphone digital keys app unlocking, self check-in, big data analytics, remote unlock, live audit, battery notifications, 24/7 virtual hotel desk, cancel digital keys anytime

Get in control with the DigitalKeys app

Set up your locks, generate time-sensitive digital keys, view live events, remote unlock, share digital keys, check battery status, add users and user rights and so much more with the Digital Keys app available to download in the App Store, and Google Play store.


Featured Customer

TOPdigital Group NB-IoT smartlocks project

Headquartered in Malaga, Spain, Top Digital develops a multitude of activities in various sectors from telecommunications and software development to retailing and the distribution of household appliances and electronics to 40 stores in Spain.


Task - With many of TOPdigital’s customers being large enterprises, purchasing mobile phones, electronics, and security equipment from them, a demand had been emerging for an end-to-end connected smart access control solution that could also be bundled with their existing product range.

Solution Following successful trials in their offices, new access management software and apps were built specific for Spanish shops, offices, banks and hotels. Digital Keys supplied the API’s, the smartlocks and the technical support to develop the product. The smartlocks were connected to the Vodafone Spain NB-IoT network.


Benefit The product was sold to companies all over Spain bundled with TopDigital's existing products - customers included Zurich, banks and credit unions such as BBVA, universities, and a hotel chain in southern Spain.

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We are confident that the Digital Keys NB IoT access control solution is the right fit for offices, hotels and apartment buildings in Spain


Manuel Illanes

CTO TopDigital Group


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