NB-IoT Smart Access for Office Buildings

Helping office buildings become smart and secure NB IoT Smart Access control improves the safety, security and controlled access of office buildings at around one tenth of the price of keycard systems. 

How NB-IoT can transform your office

NB IoT smart access does everything a typical office keycard system does, plus you can also use your smartphone and other tokens for unlocking, and get live audits, data analytics and so much more.

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NB IoT smart access means you can get a combined keycard system with a smartphone and cloud based unlocking system too, and its also cheaper than existing keycard systems

Easily manage time-sensitive access for all staff, temporary workers, and visitors

Our lock management software can be integrated into your existing legacy systems/software with our API's

Integrates into you typical keycard system. Add NFC stickers to existing keycards for easy integration.

Remote unlock from anywhere inside the smartlock management software by clicking one button.

Track and monitor staff and contractors for OH&S, and to meet safety, emergency and insurance requirements as you always know who is on site and where at all times.

Secure server rooms

Meet PCI compliance and other state regulations to ensure that all the data in server rooms is protected with a strong physical security system.

Improve visitor management

Keep buildings secure by automating the visitor management process. Know who is in your offices, where they are and how long they stay.


Visitors can even request digital keys for any future date and time in the digital keys app.

Easily share access to rooms

Secure meetings rooms, shared labs, share common rooms with time-sensitive digital keys and send to peoples phones in seconds.

Organise digital keys with our cloud based software for groups of people in an instant.

NB-IoT is security you can trust

3GPP/GSMA Security Protocols

NB IoT has passed security protocols as outlined by 3GPP/GMSA the organisations responsible for managing the mobile networks globally.

Mobile network security

NB-IoT is part of the mobile network with fully managed standardized security guaranteeing the integrity of all data running through it

HTTPS military encryption

All communications are running on HTTPs military grade 256 bit encryption between all the vertical applications including software and hardware

RSA Chipset Security

The NB IoT module chipset included in our NB IoT smart locks applies 2048 bit RSA encryption

IPSEC security layer

Between the telco's mobile network, and the IoT device management platform a layer of Internet Protocol Security (IPSEC) is provided.  

VPN Security

The Telecommunication company provides a dedicated VPN for further security and reliability.

Existing access control technologies has limitations

Existing Access control is limited by onsite power, onsite infrastructure and lacks security features. Compare below.

Time-sensitive access control

Set up costs

Costs per lock

Onsite Infrastructure

Battery Life

Online Solution*


Multiple locks use

RFID Keycard Systems

Approx $6000


Wiring, card encoder box, onsite PC/software, controller box, programmer device 

Wiring, card encoder box, onsite PC/software, controller box, programmer device 

Mains powered

Hacked; subject to man-in the middle attacks

Wi-Fi systems

Approx $300

Wi-Fi systems (routers, modems, bridges) 


Router, modem, ISP, cables, bridge, boosters, phone line

6 -12 months

128 bit SSL encryption + congested, unstable, inscure network. Hacked

NB IoT Systems


$250 - $450


1 and 1/2 years

2048 bit RSA encryption + 128 bit SSL encryption + DLTS + VPN + licenced network

*Online solution includes smartphone digital keys app unlocking, self check-in, big data analytics, remote unlock, live audit, battery notifications, 24/7 virtual hotel desk, cancel digital keys anytime

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