Smart access solutions for offices & workplaces

Get a typical keycard system plus a connected smartlock system all in the one package with no onsite equipment 


No Wi-Fi or equipment

Smartlocks have in-built iSIM cards and connect to the internet over global 5G IoT network.

Easy to use

Easily connect multiple doors at many different sites with the one software management account.

No mains power

For the first time ever, you can get connected access without having onsite power.

More affordable

Does everything a keycard system does (plus more) for half the price of a typical system. 

Meet compliances

Meet OH&S laws, and PCI compliances for processing credit cards and more.

Scalable solution

Hosted at AWS in your own country with power to scale and meet any usage demands.

Improve your visitor management with digital keys



Guests can self check-in online -you can monitor them in the access management software. 

Self check-in


Digital Keys

Create one-time or time-sensitive digital keys in seconds for anyone anywhere anytime. 


Simple installation

Slim design of doorlock to fit any door types and thicknesses with EU and ANSI mortise

Our customers are transforming their business with smart access


Vodafone secures their 5G lab with smart access 

"Solutions like DIGITALKEYS highlight the multiple options offered by our NB-IoT network, and open up a new world of possibilities for IoT".

Daniel Barallat, IoT Manager, Vodafone

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Like a typical keycard system plus so much more

You can write to NFC cards/tokens with the DIGITALKEYS app (works with phones with NFC/HCE) and use smart access as a combined keycard and connected digital keys system


Create Digital Keys 

Program your smart lock once for time -sensitive keycard use over Global 5G IoT network with Digital Keys app/access management software.

Unlock with NFC cards


Write to the NFC card with Digital Keys app and unlock lock locally everytime with your NFC card (don't go over 5G IoT network) 


Get live notifications

Get instant notifications/ texts of who unlocked your lock at what time. This info  is stored in software database for analytics.

Managing your assets just got easier

DigitalKeys 5G IoT smartlocks redefines how security and control is delivered. With 5 unlocking methods and cloud based software its easy to get your assets under control.


5G IoT connected system

5G IoT networks (NB-IoT, LTE-M) combined with our platform hosted at AWS IoT core provides a universally distributed, identity-centric networking and security system that ensures end users and devices—across all locations—are securely connected. 

Manage it all in just a few steps

Use the digital keys app to unlock your doors. After an account administrator generates a time-sensitive digital key in the smart access management software, the digital key will appear in the users digital wallet as a new digital key.


Simply hold your phone up to the lock to unlock your smartlock (works with NFC and over 5G IoT network). You can also locate your smartlocks with GPS and more.

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Getting your assets under control

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Go beyond metal keys

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Smart access 
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Get 5G IoT Smartlocks and Smart Access Management Software and digital keys app

Connect to your own facilities management software and apps with our API integrations

Built for managing bulk assets anywhere in the field

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