Smart access for Residential Use

Get connected smartlocks for your house and your apartment building without having to worry about having onsite Wi-Fi and equipment because our smartlocks have SIM's and modems inbuilt.

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Save time and hassle of key management

With Digital Keys, Real Estate companies and agents don't have to worry anymore about arranging the distribution and collection of metal keys;

  • Digital Keys can be generated and emailed to tenants to properties in seconds for one-time use or time-sensitive use, and they can be cancelled anytime by clicking one-button.

  • Distribute Digital Keys to phones of contractors, inspectors, managers, plumbers, broadband technicians etc in seconds from the smart access management software and/or digital keys apps.

Increase operational efficiencies

Reduced administration overheads by getting rid of keys and conventional locks, automating record keeping and making allocation of user resources a seamless part of company processes.

  • Can integrate with corporate systems with our API's such as adding an 'unlock now' button to your existing asset management systems.

  • Improve data driven decision making by integration of usage data, locations and events into your own software or use our data analytics tools or download data to use in your own analytics programs. Every unlocking event is stored in the database and can be emailed live to stakeholders.

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Improve security and control

With up to 5 methods of unlocking including with PIN's (time-sensitive), keycards, phones, remote software/apps and metal key over-rides its make it easier to manage;

  • Airbnb properties without meeting for key handover

  • Never have to change a lock again at the end of a tenancy. Just cancel the digital key or set it to expire at end of tenancy.

How to get started with NB-IoT smartlocks



Explore a sample

Request a sample smartlock that will work out of the box in every country on local NB-IoT or on LTE-M/LTE networks 



Place an order

Place an order for our smart locks and we will also send you our integrations guides/API's and support cloud installation to your website



Get Integration Support

We provide our support to help you integrate our smartlock system or into your own software/apps 



Start operating

Start managing your smartlocks with your own digital keys app and your own access management software

Access control deserves the best security

Mobile Network Security

NB IoT is part of the 5G standards and operates on the telco's mobile networks globally. 

Learn More >

Highest quality standards

Telco's have spent over 30 years and billions of dollars perfecting their network security and standards.

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Licenced IoT technology

Other IoT communication technologies are unlicensed, unregulated, uncontrolled and insecure.

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Unprecedented Encryption

Military grade 256 bit encryption is running on all vertical layers between the platforms, mobile networks and smartlocks. Learn More >

Simple installation and great hardware features

Our NB-IoT smart doorlocks are easy to install in around 10 minutes and come with many great features including

  • Pull up to lock deadbolt. Don't worry about using keys to lock the built in deadbolt, simply pull up the handle to engage deadbolt

  • Slim design to fit many different door types and thicknesses

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