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Smart access solutions for residential use

Get connected smartlocks without Wi-Fi, and with smartphone unlocking and live event notifications. 


Get in control of your home

Digital Keys 5G IoT smartlocks redefines how security and control is delivered. 


No Wi-Fi or equipment

Smartlocks have in-built iSIM cards and connect to the internet over global 5G IoT network


Easy to use

Easily connect multiple doors at many different sites with the one software management account


No mains power

For the first time ever, you can get connected access without having onsite power.


Unlock your doors with digital keys, remotely in software, PIN & keycards

With 5 unlocking methods our smartlocks are designed to accommodate any user. Digital Keys (time-limited) can be generated in our asset management software in seconds and emailed to tenants for access to properties anywhere; you can also cancel digital keys anytime by clicking one-button. Remotely unlock in our software by also clicking one-button - you don't have to use calendar to generate the time-limited digital keys.

Take advantage of mobile network security and encryption features

Our smartlocks have iSIM's in-built which enables us to connect to the global 5G IoT which exists on mobile networks all over the world. This 5G IoT network is designed and built specifically for Internet of Things devices to communication with the cloud and other devices, operating on a narrowband frequency taking full advantage of mobile network security and encryption features.

Small Meeting

Our customers are transforming their business with Smart Access


Australian B&B saves tens of thousands each year with Digital Keys

"The Digital Keys system has saved us loads of time and money in not having to staff a reception desk".

Anthony Slot, Owner/Manager Marysville Garden Cottages

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Open up new possibilities with connected access control features  

You can share unique digital keys with delivery people, so they can securely unlock and slide your parcels inside, or share digital keys with your home reno contractors, or your babysitters or your dogwalkers and/or your friends and family. Imagine the convenience of not having to worry about metal keys ever again. You will always know who is unlocking your door at what time with live email and phone notifications of all events such as unlocking and tampering alerts.


Connect securely with the 5G IoT smart doorlock

Our 5G IoT smartlocks make it easy to manage key handovers remotely for Airbnb's, holiday rentals, permanent rentals, short term leases and more.

Get started with Digital Keys


Download Digital Keys App

Download and open the DIGITALKEYS app then follow the instructions on how to set up your smartlock


Install your smartlock anywhere

Install your 5G IoT smart lock on your door - its weatherproof so you can use it on exterior doors or interior doors


Control your smartlock

Start managing and controlling your 5G IoT smart padlock with the smart access software and/or digital keys app

Mobile Network Operator trust and security

Unlike some forms of connectivity, 5G IoT networks (NB-IoT, LTE-M) are carefully managed and secured by mobile network operators. As such, the growing usage of 5G IoT helps counter security threats.

Learn more about security



Ready to get started or just have questions?

Let us know what you would like to discuss and we’ll be in touch shortly. For additional enterprise materials like whitepapers or documentations, visit our Resources page. 

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