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Elevate your hospitality game with smart access 

Efficiently handle group check-ins, offer your guests self check-in options, and expand your booking channels by incorporating digital keys. 


Features to meet your hospitality needs

Our smart access control does everything a typical keycard systems does, plus so much more.

In-built IoT modem

In built SIM card

Live event notifications


Smartlocks include Telit 310G module that supports NB-IoT, LTE-M, CAT-M, 2G/3G fallback.

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In-built SIM card integrates to global 5G IoT network in 40 countries 'out of the box'

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Live event notifications so you always knows who opened which lock at what time.

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Cloud based software

Customer facing access management software hosted at AWS packed with features.

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Cloud-based access control

Upgrade your management efficiencies, reduce time and cost, and impress your guests with a connected access control system. Keep an eye on the areas where staff and guests are entering to ensure safety and security with real-time audit notifications and record keeping. Create digital keys for group check-ins instantly, and enable self check-in without the need for a 24-hour front desk reception. Bid farewell to lost keys, along with the expenses, risks, and hassles involved in managing traditional metal keys.

Digital Keys app in digital wallet style

Nowadays, almost every hotel has its own guest loyalty app with various offers, such as discount vouchers, hotel information, and booking discounts. However, not all guests are willing to download yet another app. By integrating digital keys into your guest loyalty app, guests will have an incentive to download the app as it will contain their digital key to their room, allowing them to conveniently self check-in with ease. This added benefit can help increase guest loyalty and bookings, while saving costs on commission paid to OTAs.

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5 opening methods

Guests can use time-limited Digital Keys which can be generated in seconds using our asset management software, or integrate our APIs to your PMS to automatically send emails to guests for room access anywhere. You can cancel digital keys anytime by clicking one button. You can also remotely unlock in our software by clicking one button, without the need to use a calendar to generate time-limited digital keys.

Connected access without Wi-Fi/BLE

Our 5G IoT smartlocks make it easy to manage key handovers remotely for Airbnb's, holiday rentals, permanent rentals, short term leases and more. Unlike other smart locks, it doesn't require Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. The smart doorlock is designed with an inbuilt SIM card that allows it to connect to the Global Mobile IoT network in 40 countries right out of the box. You don't need to set it up or configure any settings to start using it.


See how our customers are transforming their business with 5G IoT smart access


Aruba Beach Resort the first resort in Australia to install Digital Keys app

"The Digital Keys solution is such a user-friendly one, anyone can easily pick it up and use it"
Gail Kennedy, Manager/Owner, Aruba Beach Resort (Aus)
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Mobile Network Operator Trust and Security

Unlike some forms of connectivity, 5G IoT networks (NB-IoT, LTE-M) are carefully managed and secured by mobile network operators. As such, the growing usage of 5G IoT helps counter security threats.  Learn more about security

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